Parti-Gras 2023 featuring Bret Michaels

Parti-Gras 2023 featuring Bret Michaels

Parti-Gras 2023 featuring Bret Michaels

Parti-Gras 2023 Stage Drop - night-time view

It’s their first stop on the tour…. a concert experience different than anything we’ve seen before: Parti-Gras 2023 at Pine Knob.  Welcome to our show blog!  We’ll be updating this throughout the day with the sites and sounds of Parti-Gras.  Remember, gates open at 5:30pm.  The Dress Like Bret Karaoke finalists will compete on a stage near East Gate at 6pm.  The first band hits the Pine Knob main stage at 7pm.

In case you’re wondering what you can (and can’t) bring into Pine Knob…. don’t get triggered, just enjoy and comply, my friend.

We’re at it bright and early!  I’m broadcasting from 10-3pm and Screamin’ Scott will be live from 3-7pm.  Make sure you get a WCSX VIP pass!  Will it get you backstage? Sadly, no.   But it could score you an autographed guitar signed by a ton of artists from Parti-Gras including Bret Michaels!  Wear your VIP pass at Pine Knob and the WCSX staff could be hooking you up with prizes on the spot at Pine Knob!

We’ve also got coverage of the WCSX Backstage BBQ with Bret and The Dress Like Brett Karaoke Contest coming your way.  We also have our veterans’ row winners with Big Jim’s House!  Here’s a recent conversation that Bret had with Big Jim and Ryan about veterans and how much they mean to Bret… there may also be some talk about keeping everyone’s wives away from Mark McGrath. lol

Big Jim and Ryan Speak With Bret Michaels About Veterans and Parti-Gras 2023

I’ll be updating this blog throughout the day.  Whether you’re at the show or at home, we want to give you the best coverage we can of this show!

The Parti-Gras 2023 Blog

  • The Parti-Gras mainstage backdrop for Bret Michaels

    Here’s a pic of Bret’s stage backdrop in the daylight. Feel those Parti-Gras vibes!

    stage backdrop for Bret Michaels

    Parti-Gras 2023 Stage Drop – daytime view

  • Doni Broadcasting Live

    The sun shines on Pine Knob!  After the rain last night, it’s a beautiful day in Clarkston at Pine Knob!  Right now The WCSX promo squad is out on the hill with battery-powered hair dryers making sure the grass on the hill is dry. #JK

    woman with a microphone in front of her sitting at a table

    Doni’s backstage setup for the broadcast from Pine Knob for Parti-Gras 2023!

  • Speaking of the Hill... Looking Good!

    Hill People! Your land is ready for tonight’s show!

    grassy hill at Pine Knob

    The Green Grass and High Tides of the Pine Knob hill!

  • Soundcheck

    Earlier, we heard Bret in soundcheck!  I don’t want to ruin the surprise by telling you what song I heard, but he sounded AWESOME!  Right now roadies are running rampant on the stage in preparation for Parti-Gras!

    roadies on stage at pine knob

    Attention to detail! Crew is already hard at work for the Parti-Gras festivities!

  • Screamin' Scott and Johnny Rock Lassman Are Here

    Oh, it’s gonna get crazy from here!  Screamin’ Scott and Johnny Rock Lassman join Doni backstage for the WCSX broadcast!


    three people smiling while sitting behind a table

    Johnny Rock Lassman, Doni, and Screamin’ Scott



  • WCSX Is Giving Away 5,000 Souvenir Lanyards

    We have 5,000 souvenir VIP lanyards we’re giving away tonight!  Grab one and scan the QR code!  You could win an Autographed guitar signed by tonight’s Parti-Gras bands including Bret Michaels!  Also, WCSX staff is circulating throw the crowd and randomly giving away tickets and prizes to people showing their lanyards!  You could win this Bret Michael’s Parti-Gras hat!  If you don’t win, good news: they’ll be available for purchase at merch booths.

    woman in sunglasses wearing a cowboy hat

    You could win this hat! And if you don’t win, you can buy one here at Pine Knob!

  • Show Us Your Inner Bret

    Ryan and Screamin’ Scott are channeling their best Bret Michaels look today!

    man wearing a blue bandana and sleeveless shirt

    Local Detroit Celebrity, Ryan Logan, text Doni a preview of his Parti-Gras outfit. #winning

    man in cowboy hat and sunglasses talking on a microphone

    Screamin’ Scott broadcasting live while wearing his tribute to Bret Michaels.

  • Pulling Back The Curtain Backstage

    Screamin’ Scott snuck a picture in from backstage while the bands get set up.

    back stage picture of a concert stage

    Screamin’ Scott gets a backstage pic of the stage at Pine Knob

  • Ryan Looks Even Better Now That He's Here!

    OMG… Ryn and Screamin’ Scott are SERIOUSLY channeling their inner Bret Michaels!  I love it!

    four people smiling

    Doni, Screamin’ Scott, Ryan, and Johnny Rock Lassman backstage at Parti-Gras.

  • The REAL Bret Michaels Has Arrived!

    Screamin’ Scott and Doni got a chance to talk with Bret Michaels.  Bret and company have been working hard to make this show the best it can be.   Detroit marks the first stop on the Parti-Gras Tour!


    three people laughing and talking on microphones

    Doni, Bret Michaels and Screamin’ Scott having some fun on the radio!

  • And Then Jack Blades Stopped By!

    Jack Blades of Night Ranger stopped by the WCSX broadcast to talk with Screamin’ Scott and Jim O’Brien about the tour and Night Ranger’s 40th Anniversary!


    three men talking with microphones

    Jack Blades of Night Ranger talks with Screamin’ Scott and Jim O’Brien

  • Backstage With Bret

    Bret was extremely kind and cool with all of our Backstage with Bret winners.  We’ve got more pictures coming soon.

    man shaking hands with Bret Michaels

    Bret was so awesome to all of our WCSX backstage winners

  • We Fed Everyone Too... Plus Drinks :)

    Our backstage winners had a great time meeting Bret and enjoying food from Honchos plus margaritas courtesy of Santos!

    two women holding up maragaritas

    Thanks for the backstage margaritas, Santos!

  • Our Five Dress Like Bret Karaoke Contest Finalists

    All of our contestants were amazing. We judged on Appearance, how well they sang like Bret, and crowd reaction. ALL of these people did a fantastic job! The competition was so close, it came down to a tie between Frank Smith and Jennifer Richards!

    5 people dressed like Bret Michaels

    Our Dress Like Bret Karaoke Finalists!

  • And The Winner Is.... Jennifer Richards

    Doni interviewed Jennifer right after win to get her reaction to the big news!


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by 94.7 WCSX (@947wcsx)

  • The Main Event

    Bret hit the stage and all eyes were on him.  He opened with “Talk Dirty To Me” and the crowd went wild.  Later in the show, he performed “Something to Believe In” and the phones were out and lit.  The photo doesn’t really do justice, but I tried.

    amphitheater crowd at night

    Phones light up when Bret sings “Something to Believe In”

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