Okay, who needs all these boxes of Cheerios? According to Directenergy.com, there are essentials you should get at the store. But, we’ve become adept at stockpiling being two years deep into a pandemic. It has and will always be that way when we hear a storm is on the way. Do you need ten boxes of Hostess cupcakes? Maybe, but maybe not. As stores struggle to keep up with supply chain issues, this storm has added another beating on their shelves. We can help by not going into a panic and only getting what you need. Here is a list of the ACTUAL things you will need during a snowstorm. All I ask is please leave a few cupcakes for me.

And here’s an article on how to keep your car running to get to the store!

  • 1. Water

    This one should be pretty obvious, but we all should have access to water. About a gallon per person per day of the storm.

    Essential to life: water

  • 2. Canned Goods

    Keeping that can of white hominy from 1997 has paid off! Yes, canned goods are great for winter storms. Soup and nicely salted vegetables. 

    Canned soups and veggies

  • 3. Toilet Paper

    Do we really NEED toilet paper? We’re not animals, so until the zombie apocalypse happens, YES! The zombie apocalypse is a whole list in itself. 

    That's a lot of toilet paper

  • 4. Batteries

    Loss of power is all too common when snowstorms hit. Make sure to stock up on batteries and have your devices charged. I recommend your local dollar store because it’s hard to beat a pack of batteries for a buck. 

    Stock up on batteries

  • 5. Candles

    You never have them when you need them, but candles are great for those power outages. If you need fancier ones, I’m sure Bed Bath & Beyond should not be too busy before a storm hits. 

    Where are those cinnamon candles?

  • 6. Baby Stuff

    Keep the baby happy with a good supply of diapers, food and any of your most basic of baby needs. 

    Diapers and baby needs

  • 7. Pet Stuff

    Fido needs supplies too! Raggy ROO! 

    Don't forget pets during winter storms

  • 8. Snacks

    We’ve got through a year of lockdowns and at-home learning, a 3-day storm is nothing. We can handle this, but a few yummy snacks are great to pass the time. Maybe some peanut butter which has a long shelf life. Or some of those new Debbie Ice Creams. What snack can you not live without? 

  • 9. Booze

    Well….maybe not essential. But it sure can warm the spirit and make time fly by! Just be careful. Any great shut in winter drinks you like?

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