Released June 11, 1986.

Why are we putting together our Top Five Party Movies from the 80’s? To get you ready:

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But are you ready to party for five days in Cancun?

It seems easy enough, right? Five days in Cancun with live music from folks like Bret Michaels, Ace Frehley, The Fixx, etc. – drinks flowing, dancing, laughing and tearing it up.

But are you ready for it? Seriously. This isn’t karaoke night with a couple of beers (I can speak to that from experience). You need inspiration, motivation, and role models to guide you. That’s why I’ve prepared my FIVE 80’s movies to get you “party ready”. So grab a seat, pop some popcorn and get ready to rock.

Movies that DIDN’T make the list

Top Five Party Movies From the 1980’s isn’t something we take lightly. Oh wait. It is. But when you start thinking about all the party movies in the 80’s and how to narrow it down to five…some get cut out:

  • Weekend At Bernies: This one was right on the cusp of making the list. Is it a good movie? nope. Horrible at times (but we don’t care). The party mindset of the film isn’t lost on us though. Two young men making the most of it with a dead body in tow. The boat scenes are still the best.
  • Risky Business: Is it a party movie? There’s obviously some pivotal scenes involving a party at the house…but is it a real party movie? I’m conflicted with this one. Motivating young men to step out of their comfort zone.
  • Footloose: Don’t laugh – this movie revolves around a school dance (form of party, right?). The young out of towner teaching these simple folks that it’s okay to party. It totally works…just not top five in my mind.

  • The Hollywood Knights (1980)

    This movie fell right between Animal House and American Graffiti. Halloween night in Beverly Hills, 1965. Robert Wuhl as Turk, the leader of the Knights (imagine Bluto from Animal House if he was determined to commit multiple felonies). This movie featured iconic scenes (none of which I can go into detail about – but you’ll never drink punch again, or sing “Lawrence of Arabia” the same way),

    “The Hollywood Knights” is the perfect party primer because it doesn’t care and goes so far over the top it can’t see the top. Must watch (but not with the kids)

  • Bachelor Party - 1984

    Tom Hanks. America’s favorite dad. We love him in sensitive roles and as one of our leading actors who brings a smile – whether he’s Sully landing a plane in the Hudson or Otto, the grumpy but loveable old man next door.  But there was a time my friends….oh there was a time when he played in movies like Bachelor Party! A magical adventure with dead donkeys, strippers, tennis and Adrian Zmed as his best friend (what else do you need?)

    Tom plays Rick, the irresponsible but loving boyfriend having his bachelor party at a local hotel with his motley group of friends. Absolute 80s insanity at it’s finest. The perfect movie to get you ready for any party.

  • Real Genius - 1985

    Val Kilmer has always been underrated in my mind. We get so caught up in “Top Gun” and “Heat” that we forget he was in some absolutely over the top movies (have you ever seen “Top Secret”?).

    But for my money if you need a party inspiring movie you go with Real Genius – let’s be honest, it’s a cross between “Big Bang Theory” and “Animal House” with Val Kilmer as Chris, trying to corrupt his young roomie Mitch.

    Sarcasm? check. An amazing prank involving a lot of popcorn? check. Real Genius checks all the boxes and teaches you to not life so seriously.

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 1986

    Easily the most box office successful of the films I’m listing, that doesn’t mean it can’t have party value. This movie is about one mans defiance in the face of “the man” (or principal) – it’s more than though. Ferris is raging against everything: getting old and boring, conformity, school, restaurants and well….everything. We all wish we were Ferris – but most of us wind up as Cameron. That’s okay – because his journey of self awareness is just as important in this movie as Ferris getting everything he wants.

    Party movie? Hell yeah. Did you see the parade scene? This will definitely motivate you

  • Weird Science - 1985

    I’ll admit trying to pick out one John Hughes movie to inspire your party mentality was tough. The Breakfast Club taught us to stand up for ourselves and we have more in common than we realize (and school janitors are the coolest people). Sixteen Candles was that journey of confidence for Samantha in a world that doesn’t see her – but she overcomes it all and sits on her dining room table eating cake with a guy.

    But if you’re looking for “party fuel” from John Hughes you’ve got to go with Weird Science. It’s got pershing missiles in the living room, mutant bikers, drunk at a blues bar, a very young Robert Downey Jr as the school tool (he’s so good at being a bad guy). But at the end of the day it’s two young men and Kelly Le Brock – this film is 100% hormone driven madness. And I love it.

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