Whether you’re a fan of superheroes or not… you know that superheroes and the franchises around them are huge to our pop-culture society. Heroes come in all shapes, races, and sizes and they know that with great power comes great responsibility. Whether you lean to the side of “truth, justice and a better tomorrow” OR “if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it” of the DC vs. Marvel battle, or any other hero not part of those franchises… we all have a favorite hero.

Here are our on-air staff’s favorite superheroes:

  • Big Jim

    Big Jim’s favorite superhero is… WOLVERINE! Here is why:

    “Asking me to narrow it down to just one is tough…I could name Hulk, Colossus, Howard The Duck, Iron Fist, Phoenix, or Puck from Alpha Flight. But if it’s just one – Wolverine!

    I fell in love with the X-Men as a kid, and when a cigar-smoking, f you attitude Wolverine showed up with adamantium claws (and skeleton) I was hooked. Best X-Men for Wolverine is episode 133 where he goes and kicks ass in the Hellfire Club (art and story by John Byrne…my fav). He’s on his own and mows through the guards in a way only Logan could do. And it’s the yellow costume (NOT brown).”
  • Donielle Flynn

    Doni’s favorite superhero is… CAPTAIN MARVEL! Here’s why:

    “Hands down my favorite is Captain Marvel. She’s the closer. Oh! Are you struggling, entire Avenger team? Five minutes and Captain Marvel has it handled.  Carol Danvers has strength, stamina, endurance and she can FLY. Plus she can see the future when it really matters.
    She zips in when it’s really hitting the fan, but other than that, she’s kept at an arm’s length helping those in other galaxies. If she was on Earth full time, there’d be no 3 hour Avenger movies. It would be 5 minutes of Captain Marvel kicking ass and roll end credits. #teamcaptainmarvel”
  • Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck’s favorite superhero is… BATMAN! This is why:

    My favorite superhero would be Batman. I grew up with the Adam West Batman…loved the fight scenes…Bam! Klonk! Zok! The music was fantastic. And who knew you could hide so much cool stuff in a belt?”

  • Scott Shepard

    Scott Shepard’s favorite superhero is… WONDER WOMAN! And this is why:

    My Favorite Superhero is Wonder Woman.  Had a major crush on Lynda Carter as a kid and have a super crush now on Gal Gadot. I want to be apprehended by them and forced to tell the truth.”

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