WCSX City of the Week

Congratulations to Westland,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week from November 7th-Novemeber 11th!

Below are some important facts about Westland that you can use to pass our Westland City of the Week Quiz!

  • It used to be Nankin?

    Westland was last known as Nankin Township. It became known as the city of Westland in 1966.

  • Alice Cooper town?

    Alice Cooper Court, a street named after Alice Cooper is located in Westland. WCSX worked with the City of Westland to create Alice Cooper Court in 2021.

  • What kind of a city?

    The slogan of Westland is “An All-American City”.

  • We’re half way there...

    Westland is located in Wayne County, and is halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

  • Glacier pace?

    Westland is situated on a former glacier lake bed along the Rouge River. Hines Park is part of that geological depression.