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We return to Harlem and this time, drugs are on the rise.  Drugs that have Luke’s name on them. 

We return after Luke’s stint in jail to find that people are running a drug front, and stamping the bag with the name “Luke Cage” on it. Luke busts it up, and you come to find he’s still operating out of Pop’s old Barber Shop, and that there’s a “Harlem’s Hero” application on phones where people track Luke by sightings… Or as the kid working in Luke’s shop calls it “Waze… For you!”

He’s having a hard time settling into the celebrity role as “Harlem’s Hero,” but eventually he gets irritated enough to where the light hits him, and he decides to own it – so much so, he even threatens Mariah, the runner of the Harlem Underbelly at Harlem’s Paradise, that if he wanted to, he would kill her and go to jail with a smile on his face.

Safe to say that this is a new Luke Cage, one where Nike is lobbying for Luke’s endorsement, and the over-looming fact that that there might be something worse than a Judas Bullet that could kill Luke Cage if he gets too cocky. On top of these changes, he is now full-time living and loving with Claire, and dealing with the fact that she’s not as invincible as he is.

We also see Misty’s battle with losing her arm after ‘The Defenders’ run – and returning to the force after the fact.

Adding another definition to the story, Mariah and Shades are now an “item,” adding the mixture of an interracial couple angle to the story, and the racial backlash from it. ‘Luke Cage’ directors have not been shy about adding racial markers into the stories they tell, but if there’s one thing that we can’t quite pinpoint from episode 2: Is Shades playing Mariah? He’s very slippery.



You can pick up where you left off from Season 1 on Netflix, streaming now.

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