Comedian (term used loosely) Bill Maher has been under fire since the airing of his show Real Time with Bill Maher aired over the weekend, seeing him make comments about Twitch and what he perceives as losers when it comes to how people spend their own free time. While Maher has had plenty of hot takes when it comes to video games in the past few years, this is another one in a series of bad takes that he seems to populate his shows whenever the word “video games” pops up. Hear the take here where Maher says that people watching other people play video games is “a waste of f**cking time.”

Coming from the profound spokesperson of getting high and doing nothing all day, this is just a weirdo take from Maher. The argument of whether a form of entertainment is a waste of time or not is a pretty lame conversation to have to begin with, but especially coming from Maher who is in the age bracket where boomer takes is fairly common. In 2021 and beyond, can we ditch the argument of what people do for fun as “wastes of time” because you don’t understand it? It’s a really lame take that just makes people seem out of touch more than anything, and in a time when the Video Game Awards viewership DWARFS that of the Oscars, it’s not only out of touch but just like, not factual. Here’s to moving past boomer hot takes that make me actually have to agree with lots of the Twitch streamers that I don’t even like to begin with.


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