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Unbelievable: A Michigan Audience Booed Bob Seger

This is another fantastic story from Detroit concert photographer, Ken Settle. I couldn't believe that a Michigan audience booed Bob Seger, but it happened. Ken has been to countless shows and his images have been used around the world. Ken is not only an extremely talented photographer, he's also an excellent rock and roll historian. This is Ken's story. Ken Settle: Michigan Audience Booed Bob Seger From The Film Archives:  This one is from July 6, 1973. Bob Seger was playing a rough gig at St Clair Shores Civic Arena.  Iggy & The Stooges were the headliners with Bob opening the show.  The Motor City Mutants were on first, followed by Catfish Hodge, Seger, and then Iggy. It was just one of those nights! Very hot and humid, and if there was air conditioning at the Civic Arena, it wasn't turned on!   They had a backstage area set up outside where the bands could get a drink and eat watermelon. The watermelon ended up proving to be a problem a couple  times during the night.  Watermelons Were a Part of the Show First, during Catfish Hodge's set, Bob "Catfish" Hodge decided to pitch an entire watermelon out into the crowd.  It broke into pieces as it fell to the floor, and well....the audience just couldn't resist chucking the many pieces of the watermelon back at Catfish onstage! Later, during Iggy's set, Iggy threw a whole watermelon out into the crowd.  But instead of breaking to pieces on the arena floor, it actually nailed a girl right in the head, knocking her unconscious!  A couple First Aid people tended to her as the show continued on, and she was taken out on a stretcher.  I later heard that she suffered a concussion.  The Crowd Booed Bob Seger During "Turn The Page" As I mentioned, this was definitely an Iggy crowd and during Bob's set, the crowd ranged from indifference to abject rudeness.  During Bob's guitar version of "Turn The Page," you could hear catcalls and even some booing.  Yes, a Michigan audience booed Bob Seger. Bob Seger on stage at the Civic Arena in 1973. Bob was part of a four band show. He played right before the headliner, Iggy Pop and The Stooges. This was the show where a Michigan audience booed Bob Seger! (Photo courtesy of Ken Settle) Being only a few days past the fourth of July, several audience members felt the need to bring in firecrackers and M80s to the show and set them off while the bands were playing, tossing the lit, exploding projectiles toward the stage.  Of course that really wreaked havoc on the slower tunes like "Turn The Page." Bob's band at this show was a short-lived project that came about after The Borneo Band broke up and lasted for maybe three months until the formation of the Silver Bullet Band in August or September of 1973.  This band consisted of Perry Pallmer on drums, Eric Morgason on keyboards, Al Zsenyuk on bass, Tommy Cartmell (Alto Reed) on sax and SOMETIMES Drew Abbott on guitar. I don't think Drew was at this show.  For the most part, Bob handled all of the guitar duties in this band. Ken, thank you so much for sharing your story and pictures! It's so hard to imagine that a Michigan audience booed Bob Seger, but it happened! A priceless night at the Civic Arena!

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