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Clarkston: City of The Week! Jim O'Brien meets up with the folks making things run in Clarkston.

Congrats to our friends in Clarkston: City of the Week with WCSX. I spent a wonderful day checking out the local shops, talking with Eric Haven, the Mayor (great guy), and of course our friends at the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce and City Hall. They’re all getting ready for the Taste of Clarkston this Sunday (Doni will be there with WCSX).

There’s a very cool vibe when you come into Clarkston – and a great group of friendly people who love talking to you and having a good time. A place full of history, we’re celebrating it this week.  Here are our friends from Clarkston talking about this weekend’s events:

Historical Clarkston

Clarkston’s downtown is a designated National Historical Site.  The downtown is a beautiful blend of modern restaurants and shops that nod to the history of Clarkston’s past.  Naturally, with the Taste of Clarkston coming up, I needed to sample some of Clarkston’s fine food.  First, I stopped by Clarkston Union.  I love that The Union is a church. It was built back in the 1840s and converted into a bar and kitchen.  Maintaining its history while serving the needs of the community… beautiful. Here’s owner Curt Catallo explaining the history:

We also spent some time with Eric Haven, the Mayor of Clarkston – talking about the history of the town and some really interesting facts.

Next, I met my buddy, Roger at Honcho and we sampled some of Honcho’s delicious Latin street food.  I finished my afternoon walking the streets of this very well-kept community.  Thanks for the hospitality!

Clarkston: City of The Week Photos

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