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Canton 2023 is kicking it with City of the Week! Joel and Doni explore IKEA and so much more.

Adventures in Canton 2023!  Congratulations to Canton!  You are the WCSX City of the Week!  We got a king’s welcome as soon as we parked at IKEA.  Laura and Tom were waiting to greet us.  Laura and Tom are loyal WCSX listeners and they had their vows renewed by Big Jim!  Both of them are super nice.  We’re so lucky to have listeners like Laura and Tom.  Read my recap or immediately scroll down to the pics.  Whatever makes you happy. 🙂

How Long Does It Take to Make It Through IKEA?

A LOOOOONGG TIME.  Joel had never walked the full store so we decided to hit it all.  We took full advantage of all the home setups at IKEA.  We sat on their benches, couches, and toilets.  Joel even sang in the IKEA shower.  We ate Swedish meatballs! We also got lost and wondered when we find our way out.

Where in the Heck is MrBeast Burger?

After we left IKEA (days later lol) we went in search of MrBeast Burgers.  MrBeast is one of the most famous YouTubers (166 million subscribers) and man, does he know how to market like a MOFO.  We couldn’t find MrBeast Burger so we went into Super Bowl Lanes and asked if they knew anything.  They did!  Turns out that MrBeast has ghost stores all over the country and Super Bowl is one of them.  If you order from their menu, Super Bowl employees cook your food to MrBeast specifications, and wah-lah, you have your food.  I feel like it’s a pretty genius marketing plan, but who knows?  Side note: MrBeast Burgers aren’t available until after 6pm so we didn’t get to try one.

Bowling at Super Bowl – We Stink

The Super Bowl staff was, well, SUPER!  Super Bowl employee, Denise, was beyond cool to us and the manager, Doug, explained how MrBeast works and let us bowl a few frames.  Joel and I are no King Pins.  We bowled a few pitiful frames and headed out to our next destination. The Screens at Super Bowl are pretty amazing.  It’s not just name and score.  They tell you how fast you threw your ball and recommend leagues!  Joel and I received a recommendation for the “Bad Bowlers League.” #mypeople

Canton’s Secret Downtown

Canton is known for Ford Road and shopping.  If you head one mile south to Cherry Hill Road and take it down, you’ll reach Canton’s secret downtown.  I may be the only one who calls it that, but they have a nice old-school area with a farmers’ market every Sunday morning, modern housing, fountains, and Cold Stone Creamery.  Naturally, Joel and I topped off our Swedish meatballs with ice cream.

Canton, thanks for the hospitality!  Our work certainly didn’t feel like work. Lol, Joel and I had a great time hanging out in Canton and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!  Check out the gallery!  Canton rocks!

City of the Week: Canton 2023 Photo Gallery

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