Donielle Flynn

Nancy Whiskey: Corktown's St. Patrick's Day Party destination. Doni hangs with Rich, Debbie, Dawn, Tonja, and Phil.

Every year (except 2020) the Detroit St. Patrick’s Day parade has rolled through Corktown the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s been my honor and tradition for year’s now to host the party at Nancy Whiskey on behalf of WCSX.  The streets close at 10am for the Corktown 5K and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  2024 marks the 66th anniversary of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

A Wee Bit O’ Corktown History

Corktown has been around since the 1820s.  Corktown is Detroit’s oldest neighborhood.  The settlers were predominantly Irish.  Like many places in Detroit, Corktown has seen huge strides in revitalization over the last couple of decades. For more on Corktown’s history, visit Nancy Whiskey has been a part of Corktown since 1902 and claims to have the longest uninterrupted liquor license in Detroit.  Part of Nancy Whiskey’s history rumors it to have been a speak easy during Prohibition. It also got a good deal of attention from the Washington Post, being dubbed “One of America’s most authentic dive-bars.”

Doni’s Notes

I arrived at Nancy Whiskey a bit before 10am to beat the road closures and snag a good parking spot.  The first time I went to Nancy Whiskey for the parade festivities, I was beyond surprised when I opened the door.  Nancy Whiskey is located in an unexpectedly residential-ish area… more than the usual bar.  At 10am on a Sunday, how much can possibly be going on? A crazy amount, actually.  Years, later, I knew that when I opened that door at 10am on a Sunday, the place would already be packed.

Even with Daylight Saving Time springing us forward and snow on the ground in what had been a very mild winter, Nancy Whiskey was still bumping.  Two people walked in a few steps ahead of me and I heard the crowd inside give them a warm welcome with a loud, “AAAAY!” As the door swung shut behind them, I thought, “Wow, they must be well known.”  I opened the door and the crowd welcomed me with a loud, “AAAAY!” This patterned continued and I loved it.  As others arrived, I joined in as well.  I figured the least I could do was be a part of giving others a welcome like I had received.  I don’t know who started it, but if you know, tell me, so I can buy them a drink.

My pictures are some of my favorite people I met or had the pleasure of seeing again at Nancy Whiskey.  Scroll down to check out the photos.  The Detroit Free Press did a great job of covering the actual parade.  You can check out their pictures on the link below.


Families flood Corktown for 66th annual St. Patrick's Day parade

Thousands packed the streets of Corktown on Sunday for Detroit's annual St. Patrick's Day parade, celebrating the legacy of Irish culture in Detroit.

Corktown’s St. Patrick’s Day Party at Nancy Whiskey 3-10-2024

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