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Dearborn! City of the Week heads to The Henry Ford Museum and more to celebrate this amazing community! Doni invites her nephew, Jeff, along on the adventures!

Congratulations to Dearborn! City of The Week with WCSX!  Dearborn has a lot to offer and see.  I asked my nephew, Jeff, if he’d like to check out Dearborn with me.  Previously, I met Jeff for dinner at La Shish.  The food was amazing so I said, “Wanna go to dinner and have some adventures in Dearborn?”  Jeff is a very easy-going guy so of course, he said yes.  This was a really fun afternoon.  It was nice to share my City of The Week adventures with family.  Huge thanks to Jeff for being a part of this. Scroll down to check out the pics, check out our video below, and read on for a rundown of our adventures. Congrats again to Dearborn: City of The Week!

The Ford Wyoming Drive-In

We started at the Ford Wyoming Drive-In.  The place is HUGE.  The Ford Wyoming Drive-In opened in 1950.  At its peak, the theatre had NINE viewing screens and was declared the largest drive-in in the WORLD.  Today, it has four screens and is well-kept.  It’s so much nicer now that you tune in on your radio instead of those awful speakers from back in our day. lol

The Henry Ford Museum

We stopped by the Henry Ford Museum and checked out cool cars, trains, and Rosa Parks’ bus.  The Henry Ford Museum building is TEN ACRES in size. The outside grounds are 80 acres. MASSIVE. We wanted to stop by Greenfield Village, but we had a heck of a time finding the entrance.  When we did, we had a heck of a time finding parking, so we did more of a fly-by.  Do not get me wrong: Greenfield Village is AWESOME and worth finding and parking, but we were on a tight time frame and we have visited Greenfield Village before, so we moved on to show some new things in Dearborn, City of The Week with WCSX!

Village Antiques

Village Antiques on Michigan Avenue has a ton of character.  Before it was Village Antiques, the place was called “Naked Furniture.” Jeff and I enjoyed looking through the store.  It was like being on an episode of American Pickers.  Lisa was behind the counter.  Her parents, Shirley and Ray own the shop plus the four apartments above the store.  Lisa told us that 100 years ago when the building was first built, the four sections of the store were actually four separate businesses.  The tailor lived above the tailor shop.  The shoemaker lived above the shoe shop and so on.

Lisa’s parents also own the bar across the street called “The New Place.”  Lisa said it was called “The Place.”  Her parents met there.  After they were married, they bought it and renamed it “The New Place.”  I love finding out the history of our communities… and Vernors’ items.  I found both at Vintage Antiques.

La Shish

Jeff and I wrapped up our afternoon at La Shish.  Our waiter, Samer, was cool and very knowledgeable about the food.  One of La Shish’s best items comes straight to your table.  The bread and garlic butter are insanely good, but don’t load up.  You’ll want to leave room for your meal. Scroll down to check out our pics!

Dearborn: City of The Week Photos

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