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Sergio Jr. prepares the apples for pressing. 7 layers of chopped apples are wrapped and then pressed. - At Franklin Cider Mill: Bloomfield Hills

Franklin Cider Mill won the WCSX Cider Mill Madness bracket challenge in 2022 and they wholeheartedly deserve it.  With City of the Week being in Bloomfield Hills, we decided to make this week’s celebration all about the mill that stands on the fringe of Bloomfield Hills looking across the street at Franklin.  Franklin Cider Mill: Bloomfield Hills.

The History of Franklin Cider Mill: Bloomfield Hills

The mill began construction in 1832 and was completed in 1837.  The lumber was all hand-cut.  The nails were all made by the local blacksmith.  Originally a grist mill, the Franklin Cider Mill came to be in 1918 when it was purchased by Robert McKee.  After Robert bought the mill, he brought his brother in to help. McKee’s brother also brought an old German recipe for spiced donuts with him… the same recipe is used by the mill today.  The mill became the property of the Peltz family in 1966 and has been family-owned and run ever since.  For more on the mill’s history, check out the Franklin Cider Mill website.

The history of Franklin Cider Mill is also found in the people who work there. Franklin Cider Mill has employees that are second generation.  I met Kevin who runs the donut shop. He started working at the cider mill when he was a teenager. Kevin’s parents both worked at Franklin.  In fact, Kevin’s dad ran the donut shop before Kevin. I met Sergio and Sergio Jr.  Sergio met his wife while working at Franklin Cider Mill.  Sergio and his son, Sergio Jr. work together getting the apples ready for pressing.

About Franklin’s Cider

Franklin Cider Mill doesn’t have their own orchard.  Instead, they use the best apples Michigan’s orchards have to offer.  The taste of the cider evolves through the season depending on the apples they are using and whether or not the weather has been cold enough to create a frost.  Franklin Mills uses honey crisp apples in their cider.  On top of that, Franklin offers a cider that’s made using ONLY honey crisp apples.  You can see which apples are used at what times of the season on the Franklin Cider Mill’s product page.

Franklin Cider Mill: Bloomfield Hills Video

In conclusion, special thanks to Laura for an amazing tour. By the way, if you call Franklin Cider Mill, you’ll most likely be speaking to Laura.  Laura believes in strong customer service from live people. Thus, live people answer the phones at Franklin!

Laura also likes to practice group leadership.  She believes in the idea that the employees of Franklin Cider Mill should be able to take ownership of their roles.  It must be working!  Many of Franklin Cider Mill’s staff have been there for decades.

Franklin Cider Mill: Bloomfield Hills Photo Gallery

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