I always wanted to take this trip to GO TO HELL…Michigan and I decided what better time than close to Halloween. Hell Michigan, like many places, started as a grist mill and general store. Hell was established by George Reeves in 1838

According to Gotohell.com, George Reeves would often trade whiskey for the grain of the local farmers. Many of the farmers’ wives would be quoted as saying “He’s gone to Hell” when asked about where their husbands were during the time of harvest. The name stuck and became official as HELL in 1841.

So I gathered the family and managed to get them in the car and off to HELL. An hour from where we live, I was able to seriously enjoy the beautiful fall trees and country roads of Pinckney before arriving at Hell about an hour later.

Hell Michigan has embraced its name and utilizes puns and tongue-in-cheek references to Hell whenever they can. One of the more established and well-known locations in Hell is Screams Ice Cream Parlor.


In walking distance from Screams you also have a BBQ, The Smoke Doctor, and Hell’s Saloon. The strange thing is Hell is not listed as the location, but Pinckney is. So you can get your eats and drinks before indulging in some dessert!

Of the many activities you can do in HELL, some include Becoming Mayor of Hell for the day with all kinds of fanfare and gifts. Or maybe you’d like to get married in Hell? I mean if it’s not like living in Hell already, why not? (The wife never reads these so I’m safe)

My son had a great time doing Miniature Golf behind Screams and checking out the Graveyard where you can scatter your “loved ones” remains.

I had a feeling they would be doing something for Halloween and sure enough they have Buddy Keys, aka Horror Host Creepy Clyde aka Clyde Brown, providing entertainment each weekend in October. Creepy has worked alongside many other Horror Hosts like The Ghoul and Wolfman Mac.

My family was having none of that and wanted to go straight to Screams and get some ice cream. So the gallery that follows is that delicious journey! We did get outside eventually to hang with Clyde and do some golfing!

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