Believe it or not. My Rock Dog Jett Ate My Birthday Cake! Got the news while doing my radio air shift on WCSX from 3 pm – 7 pm. To set the story up, my wife was staying for a week at her folks house. My Birthday is at the end of September. The wife wanted to surprise me by making from scratch a homemade birthday chocolate cake. Dropped off this morning just before work. 5 pm my phone text went off with a very disturbing message.




Jett in Time-Out

What Happened?

The Wife left the kitchen only for a fraction of a second only to come back to a total massacre of the birthday cake. She had at least saved half the birthday cake from destruction. I was still happy to come home from WCSX to find lit candles and her singing, “Happy Birthday to You .” Made a wonderful wish that had already come true. I wasn’t mad but blessed by how wonderful this year has been to me. To all my friends and family, thank you all for believing in my dreams for many years. Having so much fun and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do doing it for you.  Now for the fun part of my “Rock Dog” Jett.”


Birthday Cake Half Ate By Jett

Dealing With A New Dog 

How many of you can relate to life with a new puppy dog? Meet my new rescue Jett the Rock Dog. I’ve had many pets (all rescues), and I don’t remember ever having so many issues with them chewing everything in sight! She works quickly too. Leave her alone for a few seconds and CHEW!  But how can you get mad at that adorable face?  Without further ado, may I present the “Best of Jett’s Chews”.

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