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This is one of the most attractive signs on I-696- The Coolidge Overpass in Oak Park.

Congratulations to Oak Park: City of the Week with WCSX! Look for WCSX in Oak Park this week.  You can scroll down to check out our pictures of Oak Park.  You can find out more about Oak Park on our facts page.  Here’s some intel from our man on the Oak Park streets, Joel Morgan.

Joel’s Notes:

It’s good that WCSX is located so close to Oak Park. The wind was blowing and it was snowing pretty hard, but the roads are well-plowed and salted in Oak Park!

Water Tower District

First I headed North to the new Water Tower District along 11 Mile Road, where consumption of alcohol was only recently legalized in Oak Park. Are you a craft brew fan? Then try Dog & Pony Show Brewing Company or Unexpected Craft Brewing CompanyOak Park Social features domestic brews and liquor as well as great burgers!  These places open later in the afternoon, so look them up before you drive out. Take your drinks “To Go”, but for heavens’ sake- don’t take your alcohol out of the Water Tower District!

Time to Blow

Leaving the Water Tower District, I drove through the neighborhood behind it. A guy was snowblowing his driveway- he waved at me in the WCSX van. I pulled over to meet him. It was Eugene, a WCSX Classic Rocker from way back! I congratulated him on living in the WCSX City of the Week and gave him some tickets to the Novi Home Show and a few WCSX Stickers!

Honest Abe in Oak Park!

Next stop, Lincoln Liquor & RX on Lincoln Avenue at Coolidge. Lincoln Liquor & RX has a massive painted mural of President Abraham Lincoln. The quote is from his famous Gettysburg Address.

Shleppie Encounter

Time to meet Shleppie! Shelppie is the Big Jim’s House Morning Show listener who has famously been Ryan’s enemy for so many years!   Shleppie works down the street from WCSX at V-Gage making gages and fixtures for the the automotive industry. Shleppie pulls no punches and holds no “sick burn” back on Ryan Logan. He feels obligated to call out Ryan’s “Stupid Puns on The CSX Files: They SUCK.” According to Shleppie, the dumbest thing Ryan ever did was let his brother give him a tattoo. Deep down somewhere, I think Shleppie really does LOVE Ryan…somehow.

Oak Park is a great city to live in or visit- any time of the year!

Oak Park Photos




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