WCSX Rockin’ Ride

Hey the WCSX crew are at the Planet Fitness in Sterling Heights on Ryan Rd. You ready to lift some weights brah?


WCSX was at Planet Fitness in Sterling Heights on Ryan Rd getting OUR fit on for sure! Well, not so much we were, but everyone around us was. I’m not allowed to sweat, I lose water mass too fast and dehydrate to dust. But for those who love fitness, Planet Fitness is the place to be. We were there giving out really cool Planet Fitness swag like towels and bags. AND we also gave away one FREE year-long Black Card Membership to one lucky patron. So if you missed us, but still need to feel the burn, check out Planet Fitness on 40752 Ryan Rd in Sterling Heights. The staff were awesome and even answered all my trivia that they didn’t even have to answer about snakes and St. Patrick.