The night was incredible and was so good to see friends they haven't seen in 20 to 30 years. Thank goodness we all had name tags. Memories are made but also gets hard to remember after so many years.

Great Skate Rink Rat Reunion Huge Record Turn Out Success. Friends that skated at the Great Skate and International roller rink in the 70s 80s & 90s. Met on a Sunday evening for a couple of hours to brave lace up the skates to have some fun. Friends who haven’t seen each other in years shared wonderful memories of days gone by.

How The Reunion Got Together

Former manager Bob Costsa ran into WCSX‘s Screamin Scott at a concert last summer with the idea he had brewing and wondered if I would be interested in being the DJ the night of the reunion. Dating back to when I worked there in 1979-80 The first gig ever to DJ.

The roller rink back then was called the International Skating Village Roller Rink and honed my craft as a DJ only having High School radio WPHS behind me got a job. It was some wonderful memories including my first kiss from a little redhead girl.

The Name Change In The 80s

The 80s saw the change from International to The Great Skate. Redone, and redesigned with bright colors. They even moved the DJ booth to the front by the doors. It’s a 30,000 sq foot facility, smooth floor, and a state-of-the-art light show. Many new memories followed all the years till now. So glad we are going to all get together to share some memories. Even if you can’t skate anymore. I hope if you skated here over the years you will join us for a wonderful reunion get-together.

The Reunion Was A Huge Success 

Start to finish the reunion was only 2 hours on a Sunday evening. An Incredible evening wish could have lasted longer. So many friends and co-workers of both roller rinks swapped war stories of days gone by. The music I tried to play was a mix of old-school skating favorites as well as some rocking classics from the past. The event went so well with 592 patrons.  Over 380 paid through the door and another 100 non-skater who either couldn’t skate or their insurance premiums were not covering the night’s fun.

Counted only a few spills and an injury or two. ( Danielle Rooks ) Take care of that leg injury. The Staff and floor guards did a tremendous job watching all of us enjoy a takeover for a couple of hours of the skating floor. A quote from Manager Bob Costa on the The Great Skate Alumni Facebook page, ” See you next year! Update..next year’s reunion will be 3 1/2 hours long! Bob, I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Find out more about The Great Skate by visiting their website for more information on private parties, lessons, Skate times, Click Here

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