Checking out pop stroke in Fort Meyers

Did you know Tiger Woods has his own Mini Golf brand? It’s officially called “Pop Stroke” and I had a chance to play it while on vacation in Florida.

What’s It Like?

Being totally honest here – wasn’t too excited about going. We’re more of a “windmill and castles” kind of mini-golf family. But my friend Roger convinced us to check it out – and I’m glad he did. First thing you notice when you pull up is the vibe. Clean, professional, easy to get in and get started (they even let you keep the ball!).

So we get out on the course, and yep it’s eighteen holes that look exactly a golf course (I was told later that each Pop Stroke location has a different layout). You actually take time to read the greens and figure out the best angle to approach each shot. Nothing too crazy, but challenging.

The Details

Here’s where Tiger Woods Pop Stroke really steps their game up. Attention to detail and service. We’re out on the course with our drinks (yes that a huge selection of beers/wines/drinks for adults and plenty of drink holders) and up comes a server asking if we want another drink while we’re playing. Well that’s just magical.

And when you’re done with a round of golf (or two, I’d recommend playing both courses) there’s a wonderfully chill place to get some good food and maybe play some cornhole or table tennis. Blown away by the vibe (yes, I keep coming back to that word).

Can we get one in Michigan?

I was looking into how much it would cost to get a PopStroke here in Michigan – there’s a great article about it here 

So could you do it? Yep. The technical term is “off course golf” and it’s a billion dollar business. So what would we need?

  • Large enough indoor area to support two eighteen hole courses, bar, restaurant, etc.
  • Central location in Michigan (Detroit is ideal, but you could gravitate towards any of the suburbs)
  • Financial backing to get it off the ground (not cheap to start – but a solid brand)
  • Bottom line: Tiger Woods has his own Mini Golf brand. You know it’s going to be huge.

I’d love to see a PopStroke here in Detroit – it would work. I wish they could do it at the old Palace location (just a thought).

And if you’re looking for the best golf coverage here in #Michigan – check out my co-host Ryan Logan and his Ball Washer podcast/page 

The Ball Washer Pod with Ryan Logan



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