This A24 Horror Movie Is Very Scary, Watch The Trailer

Horror fans rejoice, while the rest can cover their eyes in fear. A24's upcoming horror film, Talk To Me, will "drag you straight to hell." The production studio, which is behind Midsommar, The Witch, Tusk, Hereditary, Pearl, and X, returns to give fans a "viral twist on possession horror" with a new trailer, which dropped this week. A group of friends from Australia discovers how to conjure spirits using a white ceramic hand. The story follows teenager Mia (played by Sophie Wilde). On the anniversary of her mother's death, she and her friends take turns clasping the creepy hand. When they do, their eyes turn black, and they convulse as conjured spirits speak through their bodies. It’s supposed to be an insane rush, and Mia is willing to try anything to get out of her own head. So, she agrees to get strapped into a chair and go for the ride. Light the candle. Grab the hand. Say, “Talk to me,” and invite the spirit in. There's a catch, though. Don't let it last longer than 90 seconds, or whoever you welcome in is going to want to stay. Mia soon discovers that both the high and the danger of the hand are very, very real. In a press release, first-time filmmakers and twin brothers Danny and Michael Phillipou say that they "really want our stories to have a strong emotional core. The stuff we want to create, we want it to work on multiple levels." Danny emphasizes that the movie is clearly and confidently a work of genre. “We don’t want to be scared of something that’s a horror movie. We want to embrace that it’s a horror film and be proud of making a horror film. That’s the new wave of horror, where it’s exploring so many different things.” https://twitter.com/A24/status/1666067417385009153?s=20 Danny adds that their film isn't just about it being terrifying. He says, "Losing someone is the worst feeling in the world. But the main theme for me wasn’t as much grief as it was connections between people: real ones and forced ones.” In this coming-of-age horror, the directors say the consequences of risks are "more brutal." They add, "You are your own worst enemy. This film is a sincere look at not knowing how to cope with your feelings as a teenager and finding out-lets that mess with your mind.” Reacting to the new trailer on Twitter, fans raved about A24's newest addition to their horror films. One person wrote, "excited to see this getting a wide release, genuinely one of the best horror movies in recent memory." Another commented, "If nobody got me, A24 horror got me." A third said, "I’m gonna keep hyping this movie because it is my favorite horror movie of the year so far." Rounding out the cast is Alexandra Jensen as Jade, Joe Bird as Riley, Otis Dhanji as Daniel, Miranda Otto as Sue, Zoe Terakes as Hayley, Chris Alosio as Joss, Marcus Johnson as Max, and Alexandria Steffensen as Rhea. Watch the second trailer of Talk To Me, which releases in theaters on July 28, below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGo4wfCejsk For a preview of some stills from the film, keep scrolling.

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