WCSX City of the Week

WCSX honors the beautiful city of Ferndale, Michigan, by making it City of the Week from November 8, 2021, to November 14, 2021! Joel Morgan and Megan Murphy of the WCSX City of the Week team went and visited some fun and fascinating people and places in Ferndale.

Check out where and who they got to visit:

  • Detroit Axe

    Joel and Megan visit Detroit Axe in Ferndale to learn how to throw axes and show off their new skill.

  • Ferndale Patio Zone

    Megan and Joel enjoy a Bud Light out on the NEW Ferndale Patio Zone. Check out what that’s all about!

  • Doris the Harp Player

    Joel and Megan request Doris to play “Dust In The Wind” on her harp!

  • City Of The Week: Ferndale Photo Gallery