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City Of The Week: Walled Lake 2023 Photo Gallery

This week Ryan from Big Jim's House joined City of the Week!  Here's what Ryan had to say about his adventures in Walled Lake: Alright, I know I talk about my hometown of Wixom a lot on the show, but not many people know that Wixom and Walled Lake go hand in hand. Growing up in the area, I loved everything about it and was honored to return with City of the Week! There was a rush of old and new memories that came right back to me. When I first moved came to the city, there were a few stoplights and that was it. Now it's an amazing spot to spend a day with the family. From great restaurants and great entertainment, there is always something going on. The lake is the main focus and you can see that with the updated beach and family fun area right on the water. I love that the city has been able to keep that great small-town feel while making it a fun place to hang and have a ton of fun. WHERE DID WE GO IN WALLED LAKE? First, we went to Pedego, an electric bike company. I jumped on one of their rentals and man, what a fun way to make your way around the town. Second, we headed over to Eddie at Eddie's Walled Lake Liquor store. Eddie is an amazing ambassador for the city and even took us out on his boat! After that, we made our way over to The Greenhouse, another new business that has embraced the city of Walled Lake. Joel then made his way to Copper Mug. If you're from the area, you have had a beer and a burger from Copper Mug. Overall, the trip back to my second hometown was amazing! The people the places, everything is great! (scroll down for pictures or enjoy the video first) [embed]https://vimeo.com/829504924?share=copy[/embed]

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