WCSX City of the Week

WCSX honors the beautiful city of Novi, Michigan, by making it City of the Week from November 1, 2021, to November 7, 2021! Joel Morgan and Megan Murphy of the WCSX City of the Week team went and visited some fun and fascinating people and places in Novi.

Check out where and who they got to visit:

  • No.VI Coffee and Tea

    The City of the Week crew visited No.VI Coffee and Tea in Novi, Michigan and learned about the origins of the cities name, Novi.

  • Joel Joins The Construction Team

    Joel does some construction of his own while the contractors are on break… learn about what the contractors are working on!

  • CPR - Cell Phone Repair

    Megan and Joel speaks with Aaron from Cell Phone Repair (CPR) about Megan’s crack!


  • City of the Week: Novi Photo Gallery