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Plymouth fun fact: Joel met Abraham Lincoln at the Plymouth Historical Museum.

I love heading to Plymouth.  There’s always something going on and the downtown had a historic vibe.  Kellog Park is compact, but a perfect size for being in the middle of the downtown.  It’s a perfect place to gather.  Congratulations to Plymouth, the WCSX City of The Week!  Read on for some Plymouth fun facts and history.

Podunk and Joppa: The Name Origins of Plymouth

Plymouth is an active community with an inviting downtown area.  Plymouth locals refer to the downtown as “Old Village,” which is decidedly more charming than the original name of “Podunk.” The north end of town was called “Joppa.” In the finalizing of the community’s name, “Peking” was an early runner, then “LeRoy” became the strongest contender.  If that name had already been used (communities much like rock bands had to choose unique names) the second choice was “Plymouth” after historical ties to Plymouth, Massachusetts.

At the time of Plymouth’s naming (1827), the community was not a city, but rather a super township.  Plymouth originally included the areas of Canton and Northville. You can find out more about the naming of Plymouth at

Two of Plymouth’s biggest events are Art in The Park and The Plymouth Ice Festival.  I find ice carving fascinating.  These artists use chainsaws on giant blocks of ice and make masterpieces that will only last as long as the temperature stays cold enough.  Find out more about these events and other amazing info on Plymouth below.

Plymouth Fun Facts

  • The Plymouth Ice Festival 2024: February 2nd-4th

    The Plymouth Ice Festival is North America’s oldest and largest ice carving festival. Roughly half a million people head to Plymouth yearly to check out the carvings. More than 60 ice carvings will be in Kellog Park and along the sidewalks of downtown Plymouth.  They also have tubing and other family-friendly events.

    Plymouth fun fact: the first Plymouth Ice Festival was in 1982. Scott Lorenz is the founder.

  • Art In The Park

    In 1980, the first Art in The Park took place when 30 artists came together to show their pieces.  The event has grown through the years and is now the second-largest art fair in Michigan (the Ann Arbor Art Fair is the largest). More than 300,000 people attend Art in The Park each summer.

  • Aidan Hutchinson's Birthplace

    Detroit Lions Star Defensive End, Aidan Hutchinson, is from Plymouth! Aidan “Hutch” Hutchinson was born in Plymouth in 2000. He was always a bad-a__ football player in high school and went on to be a star player with The University of Michigan Wolverines. After being a stud player at U of M for four years, Aidan Hutchinson was drafted by The Detroit Lions, whom he grew up rooting for. “Hutch” made an immediate positive impact playing for the Lions, and has helped turn the team into winners! Check out Aidan’s stats here:

  • “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!”

    The BB gun was invented in Plymouth! Daisy Manufacturing Company, now Daisy Outdoor Products, started in 1882 in Plymouth as the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company. In 1886 Plymouth’s Clarence Hamilton invented the first BB-Gun and sold his new invention to the windmill company. If you bought a windmill, you got a free BB gun! BB guns became so popular, that Daisy went on to sell BB guns instead of windmills! Daisy moved out of Plymouth long ago, but the BB gun lives on!  The Plymouth Historical Museum has several large displays dedicated to Daisy and the BB gun.

  • City of The Week in Plymouth 2023

    Check out our adventures from last year in Plymouth! We love to spotlight the community leading up to The Plymouth Ice Festival.  Tons of cool pictures of ice sculptures.  I love it!

    City of the Week: Plymouth 2023 Photo Gallery

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