Steve Buscemi, Will Patton, Bruce Willis, Michael Clarke Duncan, Ben Affleck, and Owen Wilson walking in NASA uniforms in a scene from the film 'Armageddon', 1998. (Photo by Touchstone/Getty Images)

Detroit Lions fans need a comfort movie (or TV show) to watch after the loss to San Francisco. Seventeen point lead going into the second half – thirty minutes from our first Super Bowl and then it happens.

Did you sleep? Or watch a show?

We went to our friends house (thank you Roger and Cyndi) to watch the game. I remember Roger saying “I feel emotionally exhausted” as he thanked us for coming over. My wife and I didn’t talk much on the ride home – just stared straight ahead the road home.

I remember getting home and we both went to bed…quietly. Told her I love her and hopped into bed and on my phone to see Dan Campbell’s post game comments. Which lead to clips of shows and drops that make me feel good…for example:

Ted Lasso – Be a Goldfish

If you’ve never watched Ted Lasso, I’d highly recommend giving it a chance. You’ll find a deeper message in the show – and I’ve leaned on it for comfort and/or motivation. One of my favorite scenes is Ted’s advice to Sam in the shows first season about being a goldfish (something Lions fans should embrace after this game):


Friday Night Lights – Being Perfect

I remember reading the book “Friday Night Lights” and thinking to myself what an amazing movie this will make. I was right. But for Lions fans this week I’d refer you the halftime speech by Billy Bob Thorton – what an incredible reminder about the important things in life. The love Detroit Lions fans felt for this team (and each other) was palpable as they moved forward in the season. I found myself watching this clip Monday night to remind me about team and what matters.

So there’s a couple of clips I watched – what about entire movies or TV shows when you just need to decompress this week? Because let’s be honest: Detroit Lions fans need a comfort movie.

Here’s what I watch (in no particular order)



  • Armageddon - 1998

    Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thorton and the end of the world. Maybe that’s how some fans are feeling this week. Trust me on this movie – it’s pure junk food action fodder. Don’t overthink it. Just know it’s got Aerosmith in the soundtrack and Bruce Willis is at his coolest as Harry Stamper. 100% comfort food magic.

  • Talladega Nights - The Legend of Ricky Bobby

    It’s got NASCAR, Will Ferrell not knowing what to do with his hands (best scene of the movie) and a cougar in the passenger seat. One of the beautiful things about Ricky Bobby is there’s always something new to discover when you’re watching it. I’ve always enjoyed the transformation of his boys when they go to Grandma’s house. But I love when his dad motivated him to drive fast again….classic comfort food in movie form.

  • The League on FX

    This TV show is definitely NOT for everyone. But as a fan of Fantasy Football, this show hit me right in the feels (and it goes REALLY off the rails at times…which makes it even better). Out of all these guys, Rafi is the most over the top (BE WARNED – REALLY not NSFW with this guy). The League is one of those guilty pleasures that takes your mind off real football and focus on their crazy world. I love this show.

  • Happy Days

    Okay, this is totally retro and it works. Was there ever a better comfort food TV show than Happy Days? Mrs. C was there to welcome you home. Richie was the kind hearted man with The Fonz for a friend. We could all use a milkshake and burger at Arnold’s, right? The perfect show to decompress and remember a better time when we were up by seventeen…sigh.

  • The Iron Giant - 1999

    There are certain movies that just hit home with me – and this animated film from Brad Bird will always be one of my favorites. The relationship between the boy and this giant robot (put a goatee on him and it’s a metal Dan Campbell). It’s a beautiful movie that allows you to escape and just smile (be warned, it’ll also hit you in the feels). Perfect comfort food movie.

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