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Congratulations to Howell: City of the Week with WCSX! The City of Howell became a village in 1863, but the actual settling began much earlier in 1834.
According to the, George T. Sage, John D. Pinckney, James Sage, and David Austin started those settlements.

By 1835 the plans of the village were laid out. The village was named Howell in honor of Thomas Howell. A public house was built, called the Eagle Tavern. It was the first building erected in the village.

Several more structures like the “Old Stage House,” and the Temperance Hotel were built soon after in 1840. And then the Union Hall, Shaft’s Hotel, and the Melvin House were constructed.

Howell is also home to the Howell Historic Theater. A wonderful art house that our own Donielle Flynn visited on our last adventure in Howell!

Howell has some hip and cool shops like Retro-A-Go-G0, Simply Cherry Collection, and Dragonfly Emporium.

Check out these…

Howell: City of The Week Factoids

  • If it burns down, build it again....and AGAIN!

    The saw mill built in 1850, but was burnt down the following year. It was rebuilt by a Judge Mills. The planning mill that was built in 1869 was also burnt down, but later in 1975. They kept the fire department busy!

  • An Elephant You Say?

    Our resident Ryan Logan posted a story about an elephant being buried in Howell. In short, a circus was in town, an elephant died and they had to bury it somewhere!

  • Where can I get a drink in this town?

    Not at the Temperance Hotel for sure. Staying true to its name, the Temperance Hotel had no liquor. The owner stuck to his morals despite opposition to the idea.

  • A opera house you say?

    Howell was home to a fully operating OPERA HOUSE built in 1880. It stayed open till 1924 when it was shut down by the fire marshall. The Historic Opera house has been restored but only is used in a limited fashion by the Livingstion Art Council. They do offer free tours, however.

  • Balloons, balloons and more balloons!

    The Michigan Challenge Balloonfest is an annual hot air balloon festival established in 1984 and held in Howell during the last weekend of June. The event draws more than 100,000 over the three-day weekend.

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