Screamin’ Scott

Screamin’ Scott

Screamin’ Scott

Sure, ZZ Top has a song called "Cheap Sunglasses.

Cool musicians have long been known for their persona vibes and fashion.  A rock star easily turns into a current crazy fad or wickedly cool trend around the world. Some didn’t wear glasses till later in their careers, some from the beginning of rock and roll itself.  

So we’ve made a list of the top glasses-wearing musicians who have made their pair of frames iconic across space and time. Over the length of rock history, these are the musicians who made it look good. Some of the musicians we don’t remember a time and place when they didn’t have their glasses on.

circle glasses - 70s fashion

circle glasses – 70s fashion

The great thing is some of the stories behind the frames. Each has its style and flair that helped a rock star shoot to the top. From press reports to teen magazines, rock stars wore frames to shade the flashbulbs from local paparazzi. Hide in a dark club or had a hit song about wearing their pair of cheap sunglasses, to another artist who wore their sunglasses at night. Dust off your 200-dollar Ray-Bans for the ones that they show on tv to help you see when the sun is directly in front of you driving. Let’s check out some Legendary Rock And Roll Musicians That Wore Glasses

  • Buddy Holly

    Buddy Holly made his thick-framed wayfarers famous when he became a pioneer in rock and roll in the 1950s.

  • John Lennon

    John Lennon – his glasses that made him look so, John. His small round-framed glasses became the glasses to have in the late 60s and 70s. George Harrison said in the early Beatles days when John Lennon didn’t wear his glasses he was blind as a bat. THE MOST ICONIC SUNGLASSES IN ROCK AND ROLL HISTORY. In 1966, John Lennon was given a pair of round glasses to prepare for his role in Richard Lester’s film How I Won the War. You can check them out when they were up for auction in 2019 by clicking here:


    Elton John certainly knows how to make a statement. And so it comes as no surprise that his glasses make a statement too. Nobody else had more glasses than him. Prove me wrong.

  • Ozzy Osbourne

    Maybe Ozzy Osbourne is the Prince of Darkness because of the sunglasses he has on? The colored round-framed glasses make his face one of the most recognizable rockers in the rock world.

  • BONO from U2

    The lead singer of the band U2, Bono is known for sporting all kinds of glasses. His look is always changing as the years go by. Always is ahead of the curve when it came to style.


    When it comes to rock god SLASH, there aren’t too many videos or photos where SLASH doesn’t have his chrome sunglasses on.


    Raymond Manzarek  is best known as the keyboardist of the rock band The Doors, co-founding the band in 1965 with fellow UCLA friend Jim Morrison


    ELVIS PRESLEY   The man in the white jumpsuit and the gold sunglasses. This was the later ELVIS as he rarely wore glasses on stage.

  • ZZ TOP

    When you get up in the morning and the light is hurt your headThe first thing you do when you get up out of bedIs hit that streets a-runnin’ and try to beat the massesAnd go get yourself some cheap sunglasses… That’s all you need to know


    ELVIS COSTELLO from 1970 to today in his signature black glasses introduced style and punk music to the world. Singer-songwriter and record producer. He has won multiple awards in his career, including two Grammy Awards in 1999 and 2020

  • Tony Iommi


    Toni Iommi  from the band Black Sabbath is considered to be the one responsible for many bands that followed in rock and roll.

  • Lemmy Kilmister

    Lemmy Kilmister was the founder, lead singer, bassist, and primary songwriter of the rock band Motörhead,

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