“From hell’s heart, I stab at thee!”

Gives me chills every time I hear it.

Star Trek’s most notorious villain Khan turns 55.

Khan Noonien Singh. Played by Ricardo Montalban. First introduced in Star Trek episode 22 Season 1 “Space Seed”. Premiered in 1967. Over 55 years ago this week.

Synopsis of the episode:

The Enterprise discovers an Earth vessel of ancient origins drifting in space. All of the crew aboard are in deep sleep. The crew of the Enterprise revive the ship’s captain, Khan. Mister Spock’s investigation of the history of the vessel discovers that it holds 80 human beings all of whom are a product of selective breeding. The heightened physical abilities and mental capacities were far beyond the average human. Subsequently, this brought about World War III, otherwise known as the Eugenics Wars.

Spock’s investigates and discovers Khan is actually Khan Noonien Singh. A tyrant of the 90s, the 1990s, who was overthrown. After an incursion to attempt a takeover of the Enterprise, the crew defeats Khan and his plan. He is sent to City Alpha Five and left with his people to start a new colony.

Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan.

Khan would make his dynamic return in Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan.

A survey crew inspected a planet thought to be Ceti Alpha VI, an uninhabited planet, but they discover Khan instead. The planet they left Khan on, Ceti Alpha V was devastated by a nearby planet exploding and nearly destroying all life on the planet. Kahn survived and with revenge in his heart manages to trick his way back onto a ship and the Enterprise. After a number of harrowing encounters, Kirk manages to get the best of Khan and defeats him. But not without some casualties. Spock loses his life saving the crew from an imminent core reactor explosion.

To learn more about Khan Noonien Singh, visit Startrek.com. And check out Kirk singing some of his best!

Enjoy the anniversary of Star Trek’s most notorious villain Khan turning 55 with these classic Star Trek’s best Episodes:

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