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WARNING Another Awesome Hey Screamin Try This

Hey Screamin Try This has done some pretty strange challenges. Mostly that have spawned from the Tik Tok community. Crazy foods, pop, candies, and even been on roller skates as a poodle skirt wearing car hop at Eddie's drive in. Former Hey Screamin Try This Episode The Latest Tik Toc Challenge Making Social Media Now This strange one was sent to me as a challenge from local celebrity Ryan Logan. Yes, it's the same Ryan from the Big Jim's house on the WCSX Morning show. I was getting ready to start my day at the Screamin' Scott Dude Ranch main branch. I was having my morning coffee and locked into a conversation Ryan and Big Jim O'Brian were having about a TikTok challenge. They were watching a guy who goes by @charles_tngtd on TikTok trying the latest craze, Kit Kat Bar with Ketchup. The video is wild because it shows Charles loves it after trying it filmed for TikTok. Charles went on to say, " Does the government know about this? While in his vehicle, jumping up and down, laughing. (Laughing) This should be illegal and laughing more. Yelling, how does that work? https://www.tiktok.com/@onebigpike/video/6920995598631980293?lang=en Strangely, he is not the only one who has tried this. Click here to see more victims. Big Jim's Houses Ryan Logan Throws Down A Challenge Ryan Logan, who was live on the morning show, said to Big Jim, " There's a challenge for Screamin. Hey, Screamin! C'mon, Screamin', Let's see you try this one. LOL. Ryan Logan is a great guy, and I'm not saying that just because he gave me a sleeve of golf balls from His Ball Washer Podcast ( shameless plug). Other than the hot chip challenge, I will try anything. Thank You, Ryan Logan, for the Hey Screamin Try This Idea: Kit Kat & Ketchup Challenge https://vimeo.com/961356243?share=copy Hey Screamin, Try This: Kit Kat & Ketchup Challenge To Make It Official: The Big Jim & Ryan Response Was Recorded https://www.facebook.com/WCSXRocksTheD/videos/1163625361346916 Let Me Know If You Have A Hey Screamin' Try This Challenge Feel free to email them to me at [email protected]. No challenge is too big or too small; I might try them all. Catch Previous Episodes of Hey Screamin' Try This! at wcsx.com

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