Ryan makes a putt during the media day at the RMC at the Detroit golf club!

Winter golf has become more and more popular throughout the years, especially during and after covid. With more and more indoor spots popping up, as the golf guy I figured it would be helpful to share some of them with you.  I feel like as you scroll through the different options for indoor golf you will find everything you need. You may be trying to stay close to home, have the entire family join you. Or maybe your not even looking to golf, just want to find a new great bar. This list is for you. I have told many people this before. Just because they have golf simulators doesn’t mean you have to be a golfer, every one of these spots has great drinks and great food.

I have personally played indoor golf at a few of these recommended spots and I truly think you will enjoy them. As an avid golfer myself I know how difficult it can be to get your swings in during the cold months in Michigan. That is why I wanted to create this list. Give other golfers a chance to stay sharp over the winter and come into the golf season ready to go. It’s all about staying sharp and improving your game, that is where I think simulator golf can come in handy! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Don’t forget to check out some Michigan course and get your trip booked for next season!


Don’t forget golf fans, check out my golf podcast The Ball Washer Pod. It is your one stop shop for the world of golf. I cover everything happening in the world of golf from PGA tour to Liv and beyond. I also have some very informational club fitting videos with my friends over at PXG Detroit. So, if you are looking for some new clubs this year, you may want to give those videos a watch!



  • X-Golf Royal Oak

    X-Golf in Royal Oak was one of the first indoor golf facilities in the area and is home to some of the best simulators in the area. From casual rounds with buddies to full on golf leagues X-Golf Royal Oak could be your winter golf heaven. A few years ago I was in a golf league here with my buddies. It was an awesome time and ran very professionally. Check it out!

    Royal Oak - X-GOLF Indoor Golf Simulator | Virtual Golf Course & Driving Range | Professional Practice at Home

    X-Golf's state of the art indoor golf simulators offers players unparalleled accuracy and realism through a combination of camera systems, infrared lasers, impact sensors and advanced gaming software. Our dedicated kiosks offer visitors the ultimate golfing entertainment experience with virtual reality gaming, food and beverages, competitions, leagues, golf lessons, memberships, corporate outings, social events and more.

  • Tap-In's of Howell

    As a resident of Howell, I call this place home during the winter months. They have state of the art simulators along with a full restaurant quality menu and amazing bar. If you are a fan of golf, bourbon or tequila, Tap-In’s is for you. They have Bourbon and Tequila lists that will allow you to win free time on the simulators and many other prizes. You also will find it hard to beat their prices.


    Tap-Ins Golf Home - Tap-Ins Golf

    Welcome to Tap-In'sTrackman, Simulators, Range, 18-Hole Miniature Golf & Full service BarWelcome to Tap-In'sTrackman, Simulators, Range, 18-Hole Miniature Golf & Full service Bareveryone CAN playour story.Tap-In's is your local Golf Entertainment spot!

  • Topgolf Swing Suite at MGM Grand Detroit

    This is one of those indoor golf simulators that gives you the best of a few worlds. First off, they have state of the art simulators right smack dab in the middle of the MGM Grand Detroit. If you looking to golf and win a little money I highly recommend TopGolf at MGM. Enjoy some golf and some of the best food and drinks the Motorcity has to offer!

    Topgolf Swing Suite

    Gather your friends and discover a new way to play at MGM Grand Detroit! This state-of-the-art social experience features four Topgolf simulator bays and is fun for golfers and non-golfers alike.

  • Detroit Five Iron Golf

    Five Iron golf is one of the newest attractions in Downtown Detroit. this place really does have it all. On top of being able to rent out a simulator for a great time with your friends, you can also take lessons from their staff pro. This is really the ultimate place if you are looking to keep your swing and skills up during the cold snowy months here in Michigan.

    Detroit Five Iron Golf | Urban Indoor Golf Sim and Lessons

    Come and visit our location at Detroit Downtown. Become a member of Five Iron Golf, book a high tech lesson or rent a golf simulator.

  • Tee Times

    Tee Times is located just outside of Detroit in beautiful Rochester Michigan. One difference I have noticed about Tee Times compared to other simulators are the different mats. Tee Times has mat adjustments that allow you to feel like you are hitting out of the rough or out of the sand traps. This makes winter golf that much better. Giving you real experience hitting out of hazards. Like other places, they have lessons, leagues and tournaments.

    Tee Times of Rochester Hills

    Michigan's First Vision 2 Multiple Surface and Movement Golf Simulator - GOLFZONE. More than a golf simulator, Tee Times offers a full kitchen & full bar to make your time with us like nothing you've ever experienced.

  • Birdies Indoor Golf & Bar

    Bridies indoor golf and bar is located in one of my favorite cities, Oxford. Birdies is another amazing option for those not trying to go far from home. On top of great golf, food and drinks they also have different simulator options. They have a baseball simulator that allows you to have home run derbies and more. This is the ultimate family spot if that is what you’re looking for.

    Welcome to the New Birdies Indoor Golf and Bar!

    Birdies is a family owned and operated indoor golf simulator business that offers a friendly "clubhouse" atmosphere where people can experience year-round golf in top of the line simulators. At Birdies, we are looking for everyone to enjoy themselves, from the first timer to the seasoned professional, to the youngest of kids with their families to the businessmen and businesswomen with their clients.

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