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10 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Valentine’s Day

The most loving day on Earth has some hilarious flaws. Here’s fifteen facts that you may not have known about Valentine’s Day:


1. The origin of V-Day was started as a sort of rebellion.

As legend has it, Emperor Claudius II did not want Roman men to marry during wartime. In order to still manage to tie the knot, many men would take part in secret weddings. Saint Valentine would conduct this hidden ceremonies as a form of rebellion against the Emperor.

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2. Nearly three quarters of all men will purchase flowers for their special someone.

Roses are synonymous with the romantic holiday.  Over 73% of men will pick up a bouquet while nearly 23% of women will purchase some flowers. Real original, guys…real original.

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3. Every year, Juliet receives love letters on Valentine’s Day!

The Shakespeare story Romeo and Juliet is one of the most romantic tales in literature.  At her balcony in Verona, Italy, they will receive nearly 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet.

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4. Choosing your Valentine was not always the tradition.

In the Middle Ages, young men and women would draw names to see who would be their special person. For the week leading up the romantic holiday, they would wear a heart-snapped pin with the person’s name attached to their sleeve. This is where we would receive the phrase “to wear your hear on your sleeve.”

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5. The first box of chocolates were created in the 1800’s.

Richard Cadbury, now known for his Cadbury chocolates, is the person responsible for the chocolate-giving tradition.

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6. Over 190 million different cards will be exchanged during the Valentine’s season.

According to the Greeting Card Association, their high numbers will make it the second most popular occasion to give cards. The first? Christmas!

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7. Venus, the Roman goddess of love’s favorite flower is the rose.

Ever wonder why red roses are the most romantic?  If the original gangsta of romance says it is the most romantic - it makes sense why the flower appears in every bouquet!

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8. The typical United States consumer will spend a whopping $102 on Valentine’s Day alone.

This price tag includes both dinner and entertainment! However, if you are married with kids, expect to receive a little bit less. According to the S. National Retail Federation, spouses with children will spend about $67 on each other.

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9. As history states, doctors from the 1800’s would commonly prescribe their patients chocolates.

They believed that the sugary treat would cure a broken heart. To this day, many people use the sugary concoction to aid in fixing their emotions.

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10.  The symbol "XOXO" dates back to Medieval Times.

Written either on a treat or a card, you will probably see the phrase “XOXO” appear somewhere. The “X” typically correlates to a kiss. It is believed that the symbol because synonymous with the action in the Medieval times. Many people were unable to sign their names due to a lack of education. Instead of a signature, they would simply write a “X” as their signature. The “X” would then be kissed in order to prove their sincerity.

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