Valentine’s Day 2020

Who’s idea was it to have Valentine’s Day a month and a half after the holiday season? Not only is it stressful to think of planning another occasion for a loved one, but it’s more money that needs to be spent. To help try to alleviate the pressure of having to buy another pricey gift, we surveyed people to get their ideal Valentine’s Day gift – and they are all cheap or free. Check out some of the suggestions.

Make A Coupon Book

There are several different ways to do coupon books, and they can be for a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, friend, or child. Coupon examples: IOUs for massages, home-cooked meals, cleaning, taking out the trash, etc. Promise to pay for the next date-night, a promise to let your spouse control the remote, a day of no complaining, doing your kids chores for the day, a boys-night-out, etc.

Plan a Romantic Picnic

For Valentine’s Day, it’s the thought that counts. A fun option is to turn something simple, like a picnic, into a romantic moment. Add flowers, rose petals, candles, etc. to take it to the next level. You can also do this for activities like hikes, a stroll on the beach, or a camping getaway.

Scavenger Hunt

Even if you have something simple planned, add suspense to it by making your spouse work to get to the end result. It’s free, and it’s creative and memorable. A scavenger hunt is also a great way to keep kids entertained.

Stay At Home

Make a regular occurrence extra special by adding a romantic touch to it. One listener suggests that instead of just a night in the house, take it up a notch. “Surprise the loved one with rose petals or tea lite candles leading to a bubble bath with candles lit, their favorite music playing, and their favorite champagne/wine poured.. followed by a home-cooked meal and/or a full body massage – the ladies love it.”

The Gift Of Time

As one person surveyed said, “The gift of time! I would love for someone to gift me with some get out jail free cards for grocery shopping, filling up the gas tank, etc! Or even just saying, ‘I got the kid, go take a nap.'” Another adds, ” Please…just let me sleep in.”

A Jar of Love

This one requires planning ahead of time, but a great option is to get a mason jar, and for an entire year, write something you love about your spouse (even on the days when they drive you crazy). Put them in the jar, decorate the jar nicely, and give it to them. Another version of this is to journal about your loved one for a few weeks, a year, etc. and then give them the journal on a special occasion. Take it up a notch by adding receipts, tickets stubs, photos, and sentimental items to it.

Get Out Your Tools

Fix something that your significant other has been complaining about. Or use your DIY skills to upgrade a part of the house that needs TLC. If its something easy or low-maintenance, it’s cheaper for you to try it over hiring professional help.


“Just clean the house, I’m sick of doing it,” another person wrote. Short, simple, and to the point.


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