Anne Erickson

Ford Field in Detroit Tops New Best-Of List

Ford Field, the home of the Detroit Lions, is topping a new best-of list. The venue has been named the "best value-for-money stadium tour" in the NFL. According to the study, conducted by, it would cost an attendee $0.13 per minute to have a tour around the legendary Detroit Lions stadium. "With tickets at just $9, you can't get any better in the NFL," they say about the Detroit Lions. "It's currently the NFL offseason and many dedicated football fans are probably missing watching their team play," says in the study. "However, while waiting in anticipation for September and the new season to start, they can still go show their support by visiting the team’s home ground on a stadium tour." So, did the research to determine the cost per minute based on ticket prices and tour duration. The main findings included that, "The Detroit Lions offer the best value-for-money stadium tour at Ford Field, with just a $013 cost per minute." Additional big findings were that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the "best value-for-money stadium tour with only a $0.17 cost per minute tour," and the New York Giants and Jets offer the "third best with only a charge of $0.19 per minute." What about the worst? That's the Tennessee Titans, which offer the worst value-for-money stadium tour with a $12.90 cost per minute tour at the Nissan Stadium. That's so crazy. Find the full study here. [select-listicle listicle_id="986297" syndication_name="7-detroit-lions-players-that-will-crush-the-competition" description="no"]

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