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Missing Michigan Woman Calls Family from Motel Where She Was Being Held Captive

A missing Michigan woman who has been gone since 2017 has been found. She actually called her family from a motel where she was being held captive. Now, she and her family are reunited, seven years after she first went missing. The Michigan State Police Metro Detroit Post shared the news on social media. According to the official news release, this is being investigated as a possible human trafficking case. The victim was in her 20s when she was abducted, and now, she's in her 30s. The scary story stared Monday (Feb. 26), when a tip came into detectives about a missing person. Someone called detectives and said that her stepdaughter, who had been missing since 2017, had reached out to her from a motel in Inkster, where she was being held captive. Police did their digging and found out that the victim was being held at the Evergreen Motel in Inkster. According to the release, troopers and detectives went to the motel, where they found the missing Michigan woman. "A girl was heard screaming and crying from a motel room," the statement reads. "Troopers made forcible entry into the room and recovered her." The statement adds that she was transported to Beaumont Dearborn for a medical evaluation and was interviewed by detectives. Then, she was reunited with family and given other resources to help her recover. A search warrant was conducted and SIS seized drugs, cell phones and a firearm, police said. They also identified a suspect. TAG will continue to investigate to determine if human trafficking was involved, they stated. First lieutenant Mike Shaw added, "Great work by TAG detectives following this tip and rescuing this woman and getting her back with her family." Thank God for the police that rescued her. If you have information about this or any other possible human trafficking case, call 888-373-7888. You'll also find lots of useful information about missing persons here. [select-listicle listicle_id="1039655" syndication_name="michigan-laws-going-into-effect-in-2024-guns-minimum-wage-and-more" description="no"]

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