Another place my family loves to go and grab a drink and a bite to eat. I will go on record and say cleary's has the best fish n chips in livingston county. hands down!

Congratulations to our City of The Week: Howell! My family has been around the Howell area for over ten years. I moved to Howell back in 2020 and absolutely love my town. When people ask me to describe what Howell is like, I tell them a few simple things. First off, over the past couple of years Howell has built some areas up, but you can still find a lot of country if you drive around. The second thing I tell them is, good luck finding a cooler and more active downtown area. Howell still has that amazing small-town feel and that is what I love about it the most.

I am very excited that this week’s city of the week is Howell because we get to show off a town that people think is far away. A 50-minute drive west on 96 will take you to one of the best towns in all of Michigan. Obviously, my opinion is a little biased but come on, who isn’t going to rep their hometown?

I wanted to take over the photo gallery this week so I could show you some photos of the town that you may not get anywhere else. For example, in this photo gallery, you will see the spot they call elephant ally. You will also see one of the coolest and oldest bowling allies around. This is a perfect example of Howell, new school with a ton of old school sprinkled in.

Don’t forget this weekend, the number one party for Howell is happening downtown: The Howell Melon Festival

Click HERE for the story about Elephant Ally in downtown Howell and scroll down for my photo gallery of Howell.

City of The Week: Howell With Ryan Logan at Elephant Alley


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