Donielle Flynn

Main Street was packed with people and yet the lines were short. The 2023 Taste of Clarkston was awesome!

First off, I LOVE Taste of Clarkston. It’s truly one of my favorite events of our Michigan summers.  Clarkston is charming to begin with.  Check out Jim O’Brien’s trip to Clarkston for City of the Week. Everyone is super friendly and they take great care of their history.

Secondly, Clarkston is known for their great food.  I know that when I head to Taste of Clarkston, I’m gonna need to show up hungry.  2023 marked the 25th Taste of Clarkston and we were beyond kissed by the weather.  With plenty of sunshine and the upper ’70s, it was truly perfect weather.

What Happened?

When I arrived at the WCSX booth, I naturally started chatting with the team.  As I was saying, “And I need to find… JOHN RIOS!” I shouted the last part because I realized I was looking at John Rios in the booth across the street from us.  John Rios has been a friend for nearly 30 years (ouch!).  Clearly, we met as children. LOL John is an amazing graphic designer, and caricature artist, and carves one hell of a pumpkin.  John was out doing caricatures for the crowd.

The vibe was chill and it was an amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I ate delicious food and spoke with a bunch of really nice people.  Except Matt. LOL I asked Matt who his favorite DJ was and he said, “Big Jim.”  Obviously, I’m kidding about Matt.  He really said I was his favorite.  Kidding again!  I thought Matt’s answer was way better than if he’d told me what I wanted to hear.  I’ll take second fiddle to Big Jim any day.

Scroll down to check out my pics!  Clarkston had some really great people at the event, plus a lot of well-behaved dogs and babies. AND! Taste of Clarkston had the best smelling port-a-potties I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.  I’m not joking.  Clarkston, where did you get those from? Some other events need to know… like ALL of them. Thanks, Clarkston!

Taste of Clarkston Photo Gallery

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