Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy

International Megan Day With WCSX’S Megan Murphy!

International Megan Day 2023

It’s always fun to check out National Today and see what wild and interesting things we should be celebrating. Well, today is International Megan Day! And the first Megan that came to mind is WCSX’s own and my pal Megan Murphy. Megan Murphy has been working with WCSX as an incredible weekend DJ delivering all your weekend rock!

According to, Megan is a Welsh name. A smaller version of Margaret. While I do find National Today fun, sometimes it’s interesting when they have no origin of a day though. But they do tell you about some famous Megans, such as Megan Fox, Meghan Markle, and Meghan Trainor.

A year ago, Joel Morgan and I rolled with Megan while we went town to town during City of the Week. Megan is up for anything when it comes to radio, she loves it with a passion and that was well-represented when you see her out and about. You can dull this girl’s spirit. She’s always giving hugs and brightening those around her.

She loves animals with a passion and will always stop to pet a puppy. And I believe she has more cats than is legally acceptable (I can’t confirm or deny this.)

The way I am writing this sounds like I’m giving my 411 on why she should be an employee of the month! But really, she is an exceptional Megan. Check out some of these City of the Week videos we did last year. City of the Week was one of the best things I have ever done.

  • City of the Week: Belle Isle 2022

  • City of the Week: Southgate 2022

  • City of the Week: Taylor 2022

  • City of the Week: Utica 2022

  • City of the Week: Milford 2022

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