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Michigan Has One Of The Best Hotels For Under $200

These days, it feels rare to find any travel destination that has not gotten more expensive. However, there are still some great deals to be found, like scoring a room at a unique Michigan hotel for under $200. Fifty Grande recently detailed the best hotels across the country where you can book a room at this great rate. These spots are ideal "if you’re looking for a hotel that has stellar amenities, well-appointed rooms, quick access to local attractions, and doesn’t break the bank," Fifty Grande states. What's interesting about this detailed list of hotels is that they are located all across the country and offer a wide range of hotel types. Furthermore, they offer everything "from winery-region pads to cozy mountain town lodges, where you can find nightly rates for less than $200." Being budget-cautious is certainly a primary and fair reason to look to book a relatively inexpensive room, but there are other factors that travelers consider when going this route. Often, when you need to make a quick reservation for a trip that you just decided on, one of the first criteria is looking for the cheapest option for the date that you need. When you book a trip well in advance, you often score the best rate possible. In addition, sometimes travelers have their hearts set on a specific location or even a hotel that they consider a "bucket list" place to visit. Weekly, you check the rate on that place. You have a certain budget in mind, and when you see the room offered at that price you deem acceptable, you jump on it. In Michigan, You Can Stat At This Hotel For Under $200 The CityFlats Hotel is the place to grab this deal. It is located at 83 Monroe Center St NW in Grand Rapids. Prior to getting into the low price, here is something else to note about CityFlats. "No two rooms are alike; each is as unique as the guest who enjoys them," they say. The hotel prides itself on being a great fit for any traveler type. This means that whether you need a place to stay for business or leisure, they make their accommodations welcoming. In addition, they locally source their products, which helped create their clever designs. "From reclaimed wood, glass and plastics, to cork flooring and locally-crafted furniture, we are inspired by an aesthetic that is sleek, modern, unexpected and bold," CityFlats explains. The onsite dining at this hotel, CitySēn Lounge, is open for happy hour and dinner. Staying true to theme, there is something for everyone here. From handheld bites to a "Goat Cheese Candle," you can comfortably wine and dine during your stay. [select-gallery gallery_id="218058" syndication_name="beatles-cover-songs-top-20-ranked" description="yes"]

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