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Screamin’ Scott

Sammy Hagar Loves Ukulele Day

World Ukulele Day Is Almost Here 2024

Feb 2nd is always overtaking another unique National day that I like. February 2nd is of course, “Groundhog Day.”  The other National day is it’s World Ukulele Day! Ukulele players from around the country strum their favorite tunes to celebrate. You would be pleasantly surprised at how many musicians love Uke. It reminds me of warmer weather also but I guess we are stuck in the middle of a Michigan cold front for a few months.

Everyone loves the sound of a loud guitar, but those who look down on the ukulele based on its size just don’t understand how amazing a sound that is so can be. The ukulele has a lovely tone that can fill people with joy. And there is hardly a person on the face of the earth who can keep their hands off of a ukulele when it’s around, even if that person has no clue how to play. George Harrison, Sammy Hagar, Tom Petty, Steven Tyler, Pete Townsend, Elvis, and even Taylor Swift plays.

How Do I Celebrate World Ukulele Day? 

Listening to someone else play the ukulele is a great way to pass some time! Try out these ideas for incredible ukulele artists to listen to.

  1. Eddie Kamae
  2. Jack Johnson
  3. Jake Shimbakuro

Take Lessons On The Ukulele

There are lots of local musicians that teach and some pretty amazing clubs in the area you can learn. And learn online with YouTube tutorials

Check Out Some Of My Ukulele Favorites

Enjoy some of the great musicians that you may not have known that play. I have always found the ukulele a marvel at how it sounds. And they come in all shapes and sizes. Time for some fun! Hope you see some of these famous artists that you might recognize.

  • Sammy Hagar


    Sammy Hagar just loves to play his Ukulele and also once featured him playing on a hidden track on his album,” 13.”

  • McCartney&Harrison on ukulele+Ringo

    Documented in The Beatles Anthology, the three surviving Beatles—Paul, George, and Ringo together in 1994 at George Harrison’s estate to reminisce and play a little. George and Paul jam on a handful of tunes playing ukuleles while Ringo lays down a groove with brushes and handclaps.

  • Tiny Tim

    Known for his really high-pitched vocal range, Tiny Tim was a huge draw in the 60s on tv shows and in concert. His big hit was a rendition of “Tiptoe through the Tulips”.

  • Dwayne Johnson

    The Rock may be a badass on the outside, but he’s just a big, soft, warm and cuddly teddy bear on the inside.

  • Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters

    Fell in love with this scene between Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. The song is originally by Patience & Prudence in 1956. Still one of my favorite songs on the Ukulele.

  • Sarah Longfield

    For the kids just to show the Ukulele can be cool. Here’s a “Slayer” song on the Ukulele.

  • Jake Shimabukuro

    Jake Shimabukuro , The Jimi Hendrix of Ukulele players. The man is incredible and such a joy to watch.

  • Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

    Can you believe this video has over 1 Billion views and perfect way to celebrate, “National Ukulele Day?”s

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