Screamin' Power Ballads

Whether in the shower, car, or stage, these are my favorite Power Ballads. Through the years on the radio, there seem to be formula bands used to make it big in the music business. Put out two rocking hits followed by a heartbreaking power ballad.  Detroit even had a radio host dedicated to playing 4 to 5 hours of love songs. A good song could make a band or make them a one-album wonder.

Each decade we had its tear-jerkers. There once was an era of tragedy and death songs. No worries, we won’t go down that road and make you sad. This is about the feeling of love and songs that deserve the title of “power ballads.”

What Makes A Good Power Ballad?

The record label had allegedly a good formula for, “Hairspray,” bands. The first two singles released were rock and roll. The third single from the album would be a soft love song to get the girls to buy the whole album instead of the single. Then the next album double the love songs and so on and so on.

David Lee Roth was asked in an interview for the 1984 album record and he said, ” The record company needs gas for the yacht so you guys got to sound more like Journey.” 

Power ballads get right to the heartstrings: rock-and-roll bad guys with a softer side.  Remember this K-Tel commercial?

The kind of song you want the one you love to be right by your side when it comes on the radio.

What Is The Definition Of A Power Ballad?

According to the Oxford Dictionary it is :  noun

A slow rock song with a strong, emotional vocal delivery and typically a grandiose production.
“as she belted out the end of the power ballad, fake snow cascaded down her shoulders”
A bit cheesy but you get the idea. Enjoy some of my favorite songs from a era gone by when we didn’t care about the ozone layer.

  • Whitesnake - Is This Love

    Whitesnake   brings some of the most passionate music of their multi-platinum career on this song,” Is This Love.” David Coverdale writes love songs. Some rocking love songs and smooth sexy love ballads. When you put Tawny Kitaen in your video you must be doing something right.

  • Meatloaf - Paradise By the Dashboard Light

    This man can really deliver the goods when it comes to singing his heart out in a song. Remember also his Oscar award performance in the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • Foreigner - 'I Want to Know What Love Is'

    Foreigner ” I Wanna Know What Love Is.” The band’s biggest-ever hit, it reached number one in both the UK and the US. Also featured on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest songs of all time. 

  • Cheap Trick

    Cheap Trick Cheap Trick from Rockford, Illinois. Famous for their album’ Cheap Trick Live ‎At Budokan

    These rockers also had a soft side and knew how to write a power ballad. One of my favorites from the guys as they continue to tour. The same lineup but without drummer Bun E Carlos. Rick Nielsen’s son Daxx Nielsen is the current drummer. 

  • Sheriff

    First released in 1982 in Canada. Then in 1989 thanks to Michael J Fox in the tv show, “Family Ties.” Michaels’s character falls in love with the song, “When I’m With You.” Which shot the song to #1.

  • David Bowie

    “Heroes”  is a song by English musician David Bowie from his 12th studio album. Co-written by Bowie and Brian Eno. Such a dreamy power ballad from Bowie. I never get tired of this song as it has a special meaning to me. I was lucky to get to see David Bowie in a small club in Chicago. Hearing him do this song Live in concert is a moment I will never forget ever.

  • Firehouse

    Firehouse‘s ‘Love of a Lifetime’. What a whopper of a power ballad. Has every ingredient that you need for love. How he hits those high notes is beyond me. Fits the mold for a perfect power ballad.  

  • Warrent

    One favorite memory is I got to play blackjack with Jani LaneJerry DixonSteven Sweet, and Joey Allen. I lost pretty much right away. But got to spend some moments with the band. This song brings that memory back again.

  • Twisted Sister

    “The Price” from Twisted Sister  This song was a curveball from the band. Never thought a bunch of guys with a ton of scary makeup could do such a sweet song.  The song is about the sacrifices one makes to achieve their goals in life. For the band, it was reaching stardom and the sacrifice of being on the road all the time.

  • Poision

    Poison – I Won’t Forget you

    WCSX getting ready for “Parti-Gras 2023”  Can not have a list of power ballads and skip over this classic. It has to be included with the obvious distinction of a love song. Bret Michaels knows just how to do it right. Considering he would be the ambassador of love this holiday season. Can’t wait to hang with all the WCSX Staff and fans this Summer at Pine Knob.

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