This Is Jett The Rock Dog

The Trials And Tribulations Of Having A Rescue Dog

All my life every one of my pets has been a rescue pet. From dogs to cats, birds, and even fish. Just have a soft spot for animals. This loveable dog came into our life as its previous owner could not handle the dog as the owner was pregnant and the dog was always jumping up on her. It was too much for the family to control. This is when Jet became part of our family at the Screamin’ Ranch.

Jett The Rock Dog Sitting

Taking a pause Rock Dog Jett was Told to Sit

Jett is a Lab Sheppard mix with tons of energy that we thought we could handle. Jett is about one year old and I can’t wait for the terrible two’s that are coming. The saying goes, ” If you have one pet you have a family. Two or more pets and you are a referee.” In total as of this writer’s deadline, we have 3 pets and awaiting one more rescue kitty cat from a co-worker. My problem is they are all girls.

Jett The Rock Dog In Her Cage

Time Out Is Called On The Play. 2 Minuets for Ruffing

 A lot of work raising a dog with so much energy.  Anything she does wrong that sad puppy dog face gets me every time.  Jett has been with us for just about one year. Without any further ado, I would like to show you our feature presentation of Jett’s greatest hits of destruction. The Trials And Tribulations Of Having A Rescue Dog


  • La-Z-Boy R.I.P.

    La-Z-Boy Chairs Destroyed

    Two La-Z-Boys or What’s Left of Them

    Not one but both of my favorite Archie Bunker La-Z-Boy chairs were destroyed in less than a few hours while I was at work on the radio. Still have yet to be replaced. I miss them so much. Did not know there was so much foam that went into a chair.


  • I Ate The Kitchen Screen Window


    Kitchen Screen Window Destroyed

    One Giant Bite Out Of The Kitchen Screen Window

    This is Jett the Rock Dog in her latest quest. To eat a kitchen screen window. Had left the house on a Sunday night to go to DQ for an ice cream cone. As I pulled out the driveway I looked at Jett looking at me in the window. Something told me it doesn’t seem right to leave. But I said to myself it will be ok I will only be gone for a few mins. (Famous last words.)

  • Jett Loves to Help Out Gardening


    Hold Dug In Garden

    Jett is Ahead of Schedule When It Comes To Gardening

    When you have a one-year-old dog it doesn’t look for trouble it creates trouble. One of many fine-dug holes in the backyard.

  • This Hot Tub Use To Have Sides

    Open Side of a Hot Tub

    Use to Be Wood Panels to the Side of the Hot Tube.

    R.I.P. to my hot tub this year. Tried to keep this classic hot tub running and it did not help that Jett the Rock Dog ate the side panels.

  • Yum The Bathroom Wall Taste Great Less Filling

    Bathroom Wall Damage

    Jett Decided She Would See How The Wall Tasted

    This one baffles me how and why Jett the Rock Dog would bite the wall in the bathroom?

  • Dryer Hose to Vent

    Dryer Exhaust Hose

    Caught Jett Before Any Real Damage Was Done

    Jett the Rock Dog did not like the taste of a hot dryer hose but the bite tells the story.

  • Jett The Rock Dog Sets the Record Strait


    Jett the Rock Dog Loves Music

    Jett The Rock Dog Has Good Taste in Music

    Lesson learned, never leave your records unattended. Jett the Rock Dog still has great taste in music.

  • Fix The Dam Deck


    Jett the Rock Dog on The Back deck

    Jett the Rock Dog Loves My Back Deck. Likes It

    Now in the on-deck circle is Jett The Rock Dog cutting or should I say biting corners off the backyard deck.

  • Jett the Rock Dog Toys Don't Stand A Chance

    Dog Toys That Is A Bit Worn Out

    Dog Toys Don’t Stand A Chance

    Dog owners all agree they need to invent a indestructible chew toy for dogs. So far nothing is a match for even a few mins with Jett The Rock Dog.

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