When it comes to Mental Health, we already have trouble dealing with it as a country. 

Finding the right doctor, the right treatment, whether or not to take medications, and more, Mental Health is a difficult subject in general. But out of all the people in the world, Men have the hardest time coming forward, and it’s beginning to slowly kill them.

The reason behind hiding their woes? Men’s Health says the following:

“Men who are vocal about any kind of mental issues can be dismissed as weak. As inferior. As flawed, broken guys who are more likely to be ostracized for their honesty, instead of rewarded for their bravery. Instead of affording a fellow man compassion, we mock, belittle, and turn a blind eye. We freely spit the phrase, ‘Man up,’  as though your gender alone should suffice to guide you through your darkest times.”


There’s always been a stigma about men discussing their feelings. Even as young boys, they are told not to cry. But more often than not, we’re finding men who are burying their anguish because of what others will think, and are not getting the help they need.

The Men’s Health stats say that 9% of men are daily dealing with depression, and while 9% may not sound like a lot, when it comes to the population, that’s 6 million men. Some other statistics? 3 million men deal with anxiety, and out of the 3.5 million that are diagnosed with Schizophrenia, 90% of them are men.

So what do we do to combat such statistics?

Changing the stigma that “feelings make you weak” is one of the main things. In the age group of 10-39, out of all types of death, Suicide is #2 on the list.


Talking about what’s bothering you, finding a doctor, whether it be a psychologist or a counselor, and just plain ol’ not bottling things up is a great start to combatting these issues, among many other treatment routes of weekly therapy sessions, medication, or naturally combatting the issues by eating foods that will put you on a better mental plane, or tapping into more holistic approaches (things like Marijuana have been linked to helping with anxiety or depression – depending on where you live, it may be legalized or can be purchased with state documentation).

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said it best when he detailed his own struggle with depression – “the key is to not be afraid to open up. Especially us dudes have a tendency to keep it in. You’re not alone.”

Talk to a friend. Find a doctor. Don’t stay silent. Living in anguish is no way to live, fellas.

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