The dreaded V-word: Vasectomy. Not only does the word make men squirm, it also is a lot scarier than it sounds.

You would think a procedure that lasts maximum 30 minutes would not scare men nearly as much as it does, but it’s always difficult when men go in to get that snip snip.

According to Men’s Health, “a vasectomy cuts off the supply of sperm to your semen by sealing the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm. Local anesthetic is applied to numb the pain, and your doc does some stuff in your nether-region while the two of you make inane small talk about the weather.”

Being awake for the entire process, ballsack is cut open, and the vas defrens is removed, from the area, and seals up the canals, before stitching them back to your ballsack. The process is then repeated on the opposite side.

The benefits though? 100% effective for preventing babies. Men also are able to get it reversed if they decide they want to open back up the landing strip for the stork. So what’s the downside?

It will hurt – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The man giving his account for Men’s Health gives many comparisons, saying it does hurt, and when you’re numb, you’ll feel many things going on down there, including feeling nauseated or being kicked in the balls. The side effects that can happen include bleeding inside your balls and infection – but those are just extreme cases.

Finally, the writer shares that if your doctor asks if you want Xanax, take it. The anxiety of the whole thing is going to be the worst of all of it, but if you don’t want them babies… It’s worth it.

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