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We just want to give Woody The Gnome Vernors Mascot his own place of recognition in the studio. Justice for Woody!

Nothing is better than some good old-fashioned work pranks, but Ryan from Big Jim’s House is really pushing it.  My prank war with Ryan goes back years now.  It started when Ryan baited me into trying to slide down the hill at Pine Knob. I got Ryan back pretty well when I tin-foiled his office space.  But now the pranks have extended to our Woody The Gnome Vernors mascot and I am drawing the line in the sand.

A few months back, one of the cameras in the on-air studio went down.  Until it was fixed, Ryan and Jim put the Bret Michaels’ standee up to a mic and switched to another camera.  Nearly every day, Bret Michaels scared the crap out of Screamin’ Scott, me… or both of us.  And it wasn’t just us… Even Henry Winkler seemed somewhat startled by the Bret Michaels standee…

The Henry Winkler - Bret Michaels meet up. :)

Henry Winkler seems surprised by the Bret Michaels standee.

Pranks For The Memories

There was another HUGE conflict between Ryan and me that went all the way back to January.  What should be the official drink of Michigan?  Ryan and Jim said, “Faygo.” Screamin’ Scott and I said, “Vernors.”

Ryan was not very respectful to our beloved Vernors.  I understand that he grew up with Faygo, but we grew up with Vernors.  It was a fun fight and our WCSX listeners got in on the action big time.  They helped support us by signing our petitions and calling in to show support for their favorite drinks.

Then a very kind WCSX listener, Mark Kuklaw, gifted a good-sized, stuffed, Woody The Gnome Vernors mascot to Screamin’ Scott and me because he knew how much we love Vernors.  Screamin’ and I replaced the Bret Michaels standee (sorry Bret!) with Woody at the mic.  That’s when the games began again. Ryan didn’t want Woody at the mic so we moved him to a chair, but apparently, that wasn’t good enough for Ryan.

I have PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of Woody’s mistreatment in the WCSX on-air studio.  Scroll down to see for yourself why I need justice for Woody.  You will pay dearly for this one, Ryan Logan Esquire.  Revenge is best when served cold.

Woody The Gnome Vernors Mascot Crime Photos

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