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Doni after her faceplant. Notice the grass shreds in her hair and on her clothes. Also, she ripped a hole in her shirt.

This is not Ryan’s fault… I mean it IS Ryan’s fault because everything is Ryan’s fault, but I do take ownership of my own bad decisions.  WCSX recently broadcast live from Pine Knob for the WCSX 35th Anniversary show with Sammy Hagar and the Circle and George Thorogood and The Destroyers.  Around this same time frame, everyone was talking about the Belle Isle slide reopening (it’s been closed since 1994).  People are flying ALL OVER the place on the Belle Isle slide (see videos below).  But the people that have been able to slide down the hill at Pine Knob for decades?  That depends on the weather (and level of sobriety).

Why Did I Slide Down The Hill at Pine Knob?

Big Jim and Ryan called me the morning of the show.  They were talking about the Belle Isle slide and Ryan had the genius idea to ask me to try to slide down the hill at Pine Knob on a piece of cardboard. ” You know, normally, I think Ryan’s ideas are all bad, but in this case, I kinda like it,” I said. I am a stone-cold idiot.  I found the biggest piece of cardboard I could and brought it with me to Pine Knob.  I worked out the logistics.  I didn’t want to risk sliding into the iron railing at the bottom, so I moved to the side.

We totally had a PLAN! Speaking with fellow WCSX employees, Austin and Morgan.  “Austin, I’m going to try to slide with the microphone, so be prepared to catch it when I throw it to the side.  Morgan, try to keep the camera on me as I slide past you because I am only doing this once.”  Again, I am a stone-cold idiot.  Worried about going all the way down to the pavement?  Seriously?  You know where this is going, but check out the video for yourself.

People asked me ALL NIGHT, “Are you OK?”  I am fine… aside from a bruised ego, I have no injuries to speak of.  Ryan took some serious heat from listeners who blamed him for telling me to do it, which is beyond sweet, HOWEVER, it was my choice to do it.  Do I blame Ryan? Not one bit and neither should you. LOL  I felt like such a jackass for being worried about going too far or too fast.  Check out a video of people FLYING on the Belle Isle slide:

Sammy Hagar & The Circle w/guest George Thorogood at Pine Knob 2022

Donielle Fynn is a Michigan native with two kids, two dogs, two cats, a love of yoga, and all things classic rock.

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