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Founded in 1907, you can't say you've been to Detroit if you haven't had a Faygo pop.

So what should be the state drink of Michigan? You’d think we already have one, right? Wrong!



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At Big Jim's House on 94.7 WCSX, Big Jim and Ryan have decided Michigan needs an official drink. After a few debates they and the listeners have decided that Faygo should be considered the states official drink! We need your help to make this right and give faygo the Michigan fame and respect they deserve!

Did you know the state of Michigan does NOT have an official beverage? This all started because Indiana made their state drink water…seriously. According to, Hoosiers like…WATER. And, it’s been approved by Government. 2007’s 115th General Assembly of Indiana Senate Resolution 20, approved “the official beverage of Indiana is water.”

So when we checked out this list of state by state official beverages…we don’t have one!

Official State Beverages

Listing of all the official state beverages for the 50 states, in order by state.

Ryan thinks the official drink should be Faygo

What about Vernors? Okay, I’ll admit that was my first choice…but they’re not bottled here anymore. So nope. (still love it)

Okay – this is a tough decision…and our friends at Faygo just celebrated their 115th birthday

But according to Wikipedia Vernors has been around longer…hmmm.

Happy Birthday Faygo! A Detroit Staple for 115 years

We asked ChatGPT (AI) this question:

what’s the most michigan soft drink – faygo or vernors?
Faygo and Vernors are both popular soft drinks that originated in Michigan. Vernors is known as the oldest surviving ginger soda brand in the United States, while Faygo has a wide variety of flavors. It is difficult to say which one is more “Michigan” as both have a long history and a dedicated fanbase in the state. It is a matter of personal preference.