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The super cool thing about Bowers School Farm in Bloomfield Hills is that you don't need snow to go tubing! Doni stopped by last season and hit the run!

What does Bloomfield Hills have to offer?  Primarily an up-scale residential community, Bloomfield Hills is also home to Franklin Cider Mill, Bowers School Farms, and the  Cranbrook Art and Science Museums.  Congratulations to Bloomfield Hills!  You are the WCSX City of The Week!  This week we highlight Bloomfield Hills past and present.  Ready For class?  Here come the Bloomfield Hills Factoids.

The Origins of Bloomfield Hills

Amasa Bagley settled in the area of Bloomfield Hills in 1819. tells us that the area was originally called Bagley’s Corners, then Bloomfield Center. By the 1890s, the community was known by its present-day name of Bloomfield Hills.

Bloomfield Hills emerged in 1820 when Oakland County was divided into two townships: Bloomfield and Pontiac.  It took a little over 100 years before Bloomfield Hills became a village, but only five for it to become a city.  The village became a city in 1932 to avoid incorporation into Birmingham.

Bloomfield Hills isn’t big, but it certainly packs a punch.  As of the 2021 Census, Bloomfield Hills was home to 4,431 people. The median home value: $852,900. Yikes!  You can find out more statistics on Bloomfield Hills at

Bloomfield Hills Celebrities

Bloomfield Hills has been home to many famous people including Robin Williams, John DeLorean, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and actress Selma Blair. Roger Penske also calls Bloomfield Hills home.

Bloomfield Hills Factoids

  • Home of Franklin Cider Mill

    The Franklin Cider Mill isn’t actually in Franklin. The mill sits across the street from Franklin, inside of Bloomfield Hills. City zone changes through the years led to Franklin Cider Mill’s current address. Both Bloomfield Hills and Franklin are proud to call the cider mill their own! Franklin Cider Mill won the WCSX Cider Mill Madness challenge. City of the Week honored their win by dedicating a whole week to Franklin Cider Mill.

    Franklin Cider Mill: Bloomfield Hills – City of The Week
  • Winter Fun at Bowers School Farm

    Bowers School Farm has a lot of cool winter activities.  The most popular is the glow-tubing.  The best part is that you don’t need snow to go tubing at Bowers.  WCSX was at Bower Farms a couple of years ago.  Doni had recently tried sliding down the hill at Pine Knob and the results were disastrous.  Check out the photos and video from Bowers School Farms where Doni did it right.

    Doni Slid Down a Hill the RIGHT Way
  • Robin Williams Called Bloomfield Hills Home

    Robin Williams spent part of his childhood in Bloomfield Hills.  Robin’s bio on reveals that Robin’s dad, Robert Fitzgerald Williams, was an executive with Ford Motorship.  the family lived in Bloomfield Hills and Robin attended Detroit County Day School.

    Robin Williams Official YouTube Channel

    While Robin Williams started performing stand-up comedy in the mid-'70s, most of America first fell in love with him as the naïve and hilarious alien from the planet Ork in Mork & Mindy.

  • Cranbrook

    Cranbrook is impressive, to say the least. Straight from their website, “The 319-acre campus features the work of world-renowned architects, sculptors, and others, waiting for you to explore.” Cranbrook is about education, art, and science. It originated back in 1908 when the Booth family bought land in Bloomfield Hills.  You can find out more about the history of Crankbook at

  • Chad Smith of The Red Hot Chili Peppers has a full bio on Chad Smith.  Chad wasn’t born in Michigan, but he did grow up here.  Chad graduated from Lahser High School… class of 1980. For more on Chad Smith, talk to Screamin’ Scott.

    Chad Smith

    Chad Smith with WCSX’s Screamin Scott


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