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Cool classic rock: Songs with "ICE"in the title

Things to do when the weather in Michigan won’t cooperate: One thing is to watch endless weather forecasts using big confusing words to describe what’s going on outside. Another thing is to start to think up excuses to not go to work the next morning. Not highly recommended, is to practice day drinking. a good question is, “How am I getting into my car if the doors are frozen shut?” I like to challenge kids to board games and just crush them into tears. Just kidding, I don’t have any kids.  If you enjoy the outdoors, remember to be careful making snow angels in a dog park.  the best way to handle Michigan weather, of course, is with MUSIC.  The top 7 songs with “ICE” in the title should make for a strong and timely playlist.  Scroll down to check it out.

Winter weather is different when you are dealing with ice instead of snow.  the snow we’re used to.  The ice can be a real pain… in the ice hole.

One thing that has always been there when you need it is music. Music sets the mood and makes you happy or comforts you when you’re sad. Classic rock can motivate you to get on a treadmill and have a good workout. Music can cheer your favorite team to victory and celebrate when you are a champion. Yes, you can even play music when you are doing laundry. Trust me from personal experience it helps chores go by faster.

The point I’m trying to make is even during a pending ice storm blasting us in Michigan. Let’s have a little fun with the Top 7 Songs with “ICE” in the title.  Take a moment and remember songs that are pretty cool. ( see what I did there).

Top 7 Songs with “ICE” in the Title

  • Foreigner - Cold As Ice

  • Pink Floyd - Thin Ice

    “The Thin Ice” is a song by Pink Floyd, released on The Wall in 1979. The lyrics assure you that “Mama loves her baby, and Daddy loves you, too”, it warns that “The sea may look warm… the sky may look blue”, but “Don’t be surprised when a crack in the ice/Appears under your feet”. The Song serves as an into to the song,” Another Brick in the Wall Part I.”

  • AC/DC - Black Ice

    There was an eight-year gap being the longest between AC/DC’s Stiff Upper Lip and Black Ice in 2008, also the title track to the album of the same name.

  • Metallica - Trapped Under Ice

    The most requested Metallica song when the winter weather is bad . Metallica’s Trapped Under Ice.

  • Pat Benatar - Fire And Ice

    I’ll admit I watched Mtv for hour upon hour just for this very video. When MTV first started they didn’t have too many videos. So this popped up a lot. Who could forget Pat Benatar’s Black jumpsuit with red drawstrings.

  • Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out"

    Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band performing “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” from Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London 1975. Bruce’s vocals are an asset to this song. Fans all over love this one.  Give it a listen and reflect on the good old days.

  • YOKO Ono - Walking On Thin Ice

    To commemorate Yoko Ono’s  90th birthday recently,  fans gathered at the Bandshell in Central Park to take part in “Morning Piece for Yoko Ono,” The song,Walking on Thin Ice.” was finished on the last day of John Lennon’s life. It was upon their return from the recording studio. Lennon was clutching a tape of a final mix of the song before it was mastered when he was shot. The single became Ono’s first chart success, peaking at number 58 in the US.

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