A 25 Foot Statue Of Jeff Goldblum Appeared In London

To mark the 25th anniversary of 'Jurassic Park,' a giant statue of an opened-shirt Jeff Goldblum has appeared on the lawn near the Tower Bridge in London.

Dr. Ian Malcolm is sprawled sideways on the grass, and honestly, all I want now is to have the REAL Jeff Goldblum sprawl across his stomach like that meme that circulates.


NOW TV on Twitter

Can you believe #JurassicPark is 25? ???????????? To celebrate, we've created a Jurassic-sized homage to heartthrob Jeff Goldblum ???????????? He's waiting for you at Potter's Field until dinner time tomorrow ???? #JurassicJeff #JP25

According to NowTV's tweet, he will only be up until Dinner Time, so he must be a temporary installation.

NOW TV on Twitter

25 years ago, Jurassic Park (and one of the best moments in movie history) was born ???????? A quarter of a century later, we introduce you to #JurassicJeff ???????? #JurassicPark https://t.co/8yFZY5AtCU



NME notes that the statue weighs 150kg – which is equivalent to 48,000 teabags. That's super precise. And super cool. I hope that they start moving the Super Goldblum around the globe - that would be amazing.



I need Jeff Goldblum to go lay on his #JurassicPark statue. Now. https://t.co/WWnEuGUuHV

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