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Famous Metal Bands from Michigan

Before we get into famous metal bands from Michigan, remember that the Mitten is the birthplace for Motown and musical greats such as Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. The Mitten has also given the world some great rock 'n' roll bands and artists, including Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, MC5, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and more. Add to that punk (Iggy Pop), hip-hop (Eminem) and more. But, what about heavy metal? These are some names you should know. Iconic Metal Bands from Michigan I'm a huge fan of metal, so I'm very loyal to the great metal music that's come out of Michigan. I also have a metal band, called Upon Wings. So, it was fun to figure out which metal bands to highlight here. I went with the most iconic metal names, but Michigan has so many other fantastic metal bands, too. Some of my personal favorites include Centenary, Cavalcade, Of Virtue, Mortal Disguise, Nagazi, Dark Psychosis, Wastelander, Sauron, Lucius Fox, Acid Witch, Tyrant and S.N.A.F.U. Some of these bands recently released new music, too. Read on for a handful of iconic metal bands from Michigan, and remember that these are just a few of the band talented bands out of our state. Battlecross I enjoy Battlecross' mix of thrash metal, melodic metal and death metal. All three of the band's albums were recently released on vinyl, if you're interested: "Pursuit of Honor" (Blood Moon Vinyl), "War of Will" (Amber Wave Vinyl) and "Rise To Power" (Silver Bullet Power Vinyl). The Black Dahlia Murder This melodic death metal band hails from Detroit, and they're one of the biggest real-deal metal bands out of the Mitten. Sadly, on May 11, 2022, the band's frontman Trevor Strnad passed away. He's greatly missed and was loved in the metal community. I Prevail When it comes to metalcore, I Prevail are one of the hottest names right now. The band played RiffFest last year and tore it up. Walls of Jericho This is one of the first metal bands that I learned was from Michigan when I was a metal newbie. They're a fantastic, longstanding metalcore band that got their start back in the late-1990s. We Came As Romans Like I Prevail, this is another Michigan band that's been making waves in the metalcore scene for years now. Both I Prevail and We Came As Romans might seem a bit "light" to include on this list, but I wanted to go beyond heavy metal to some metalcore. [select-gallery gallery_id="856408" syndication_name="metallica-all-songs-ranked-worst-to-best" description="no"]

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