How Does Michigan Rank When It Comes To Potholes?

Amazingly, Michigan is not #1 number one in this category. That doesn't mean we got away with one this time. Michigan still does pretty good at bad potholes. What Does The Pothole Data Tell Us? Michigan Not #1 for Potholes I know from personal experience that we here in Michigan have a lot of practice dodging potholes. AAA, Based on the most recent data, 44 million drivers had to fork over money last year for vehicle repairs after an unwelcome encounter with a pothole, including me on more than one occasion. Washington, Minnesota, and Michigan have the most pothole problems. When it comes to breaking down the stats to local cities. New York City, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis take the gold medal. Tennessee and Georgia get an honorable mention. What States Are The Best In The Survey? Nevada, Wyoming, and Alabama have the fewest pothole-related complaints. Gee, I would think Hawaii would be the best. Maybe dodging Volcanic rocks is a problem. Source USA Today Blueprint https://datawrapper.dwcdn.net/pAaZk/10 What IS The State Of Michigan Going To Do To Combat Potholes? In April, Michigan Governor Whitmer announced funding to fix local roads in small cities across the State. Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that 17 villages and cities across the state with populations less than 10,000 will receive road funding grants totaling $3.1 million, awarded through the Community Service Infrastructure Fund (CSIF) Category B program.  Michigan has fixed 20,000 lane miles of road and 1,400 bridges while supporting over 100,000 jobs, and today’s funding will add to that total. Working together to fix the damn roads so people can go to work See the full story on the funding bill by clicking the governor's website here What Else Can Solve The Pothole Saga? According to a recent AAA survey, the average cost of most pothole-related repairs is $406. Even worse, hitting a pothole. Here Are Some Other Tips Keep tires properly inflated Eliminate driving distractions Look ahead for road hazards Avoid puddles that may hide potholes  Keep a safe distance from other vehicles Slow Down

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